Plans for 2014: Plans are solidifying… slowly

Here is the current itinerary for 2014. I know, I know. What happened to not having plans and going where the wind blows me? Well, apparently I still need to lose some more weight, because the wind has done almost nothing for me in 2013. Having said that, it’s been good to get some ‘alone time’, think about my direction in life and get a few ideas for this blog. I’d like to make it professional at some point (not necessarily to make money, but just so I can take pride in it). To that end I bought a 2nd hand DSLR camera, a Canon EOS 450, which will hopefully help me take better pictures (once I work out all those pesky settings!).

I basically HAVE to stay in Gympie until Christmas is over – because I have this thing called a family 🙂 This means my serious adventures start in January 2014!!

Well then, lets get onto the details!


Early Jan I want to fly into Singapore, then travel overland through Malaysia, then into Thailand. The plan is to get my two month Thai visa in Langkawi, then travel over the border and spend a week or so at the islands. Then I want to head up to Bangkok and maybe do a four week long CELTA course (I’ve found one that starts at the end of Jan).


Do the CELTA course either in Bangkok or Chiang Mai. I would prefer Chiang Mai, but have heard the air pollution can get pretty bad there from February onward. Start new semester of my online uni degree. EDG2401 and my physics unit.


Keep doing uni online. Decide if I want to visit the Philippians for a few weeks or if I want to head over to Switzerland to see my relatives for a while. Apply for a job in South Korea for the coming September.

May & June:

Fly back to Australia. Actually do some study. Finish the prac component for EDG2401 and the exam for the physics.


Do something… Maybe finally get around to diving the Great Barrier Reef.


Sort out whether I have a job or not. If not, apply to a hagwon through a recruiter. Get ready for my big move to South Korea. Maybe move over a week early.


Hopefully be starting my TEFL job in South Korea.


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