Task 43: Match the lesson plan extracts with the parts. 

a. I’d like to smile more and create a better rapport today – Personal aim

b. Students to Students in pairs – Interaction pattern

c. By the end of the lesson students will be able to use a range of adjectives to describe someone’s personality – Lesson aims/learning outcomes

d. Teacher hands out text and gives a different set of questions to each group – Procedure

e. Some students may find the pronunciation of several words quite difficult. I must make sure I use lots of repetition – Anticipated problems and solutions

f. To get students interested in the topic of listening text – Stage aim

Task 44: What can each of these resources be used for?

  1. Published course book – developing students’ language and skills in a structured way and allowing them to review at home. 
  2. Cassette or CD player – Developing students’ listening skills with specially prepared or real materials. 
  3. Newspapers in English – Developing students’ abilities to read real texts.
  4. Internet – Finding information on a particular topic area and developing reading skills. 
  5. Overhead Projector (OHP) – Showing pre-prepared work on a large screen for clarity.
  6. Whiteboard – Writing down new words for students to focus on, making the form, meaning or pronunciation features of a language area clear. 
  7. TV/Radio – Developing students’ ability to listen to authentic speech. 
  8. Teacher’s own material – Giving students work which can be tailored to their individual needs. 
  9. Dictionaries – Encouraging students to expand their vocabulary and find out about new words on their own.