It’s all about me!

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I’m a small town girl from outback Australia. I grew up partly in town, and partly on our cattle station Kachana, which is about 180km southwest of my hometown Kununurra. As soon as I finished high school (just after my 17th birthday), I left Australia to work on bio-dynamic farms in Switzerland for a year. After that, I studied biology and environmental chemistry at uni for 3 5 years, taking off semesters to come back to Kununurra and work to help put myself through uni.

While in Kununurra I worked with Tropical Forestry Services, on one of the biggest Indian sandalwood plantations in the world. While there I met countless backpackers from all around the world, and had loads of fun hanging out with my new Korean, Japanese and Taiwanese friends – although we had to part ways eventually, we still keep in contact via facebook!

I also went to England for a semester to study, which was just such an amazing time.

The people are so fun and outgoing, and the university was more like a big community rather than a school. I was on the (field) hockey team, which meant that we had our social club get-togethers every Wednesday, which basically consisted of drinking as much ‘snakebite’ (beer, cider and blackcurrant) as physically possible, all while singing wildly inappropriate drinking songs.

After finishing university, I was going to sell my car and go travelling around South East Asia for as long as I could, when I got offered a great job in Kununurra. Believe me, in the Environmental sector, even a 3 month contract is a great job! So I worked there for 3 months, then another 3 months, then 3 weeks, then I got offered a 6 month contract (I think you see where I’m heading with this – good thing I don’t want to get a loan or a mortgage)!


About the Travel Diaries:

The third installment of the Travel Diaries starts when I leave Kununurra and ends when I get back to Australia. The fourth installment will start whenever I start travelling again!

The motivation for this blog comes from the fact that I can’t find those old emails, which is how I communicated the last 2 Travel Diaries, so this is going to be my ‘storage vault’.

My first travel diaries came when I moved to Switzerland for 11 months to work on 2 bio-dynamic farms. The second set started

when I moved to England for 6 months to attend at Keele University. In both these cases, I was in one place for a long period of time, had decent internet access, and was in a very safe, easy environment. While travelling though, lack or good internet, time and inclination may result in non-regularity of the Travel Diaries – it’s an occupational hazard.

Anyway, for those people not following my life with a microscope and don’t already know this (although why wouldn’t you be intensely interested in the fabulous life of such an amazing person – Special Snowflake Syndrome? Me?), I left my employment

me 3I have no idea where I will be in 6 months time, let alone a year. I’m so excited to start this period of my life. I hope you’ll like reading my blog as much as I’ll enjoy writing it!as a Licensing Officer for the Department of Water on November 5 2012, and then departed Kununurra on November 10 2012, the day after my 24th birthday (which is about a quarter of my life, unless, like some predict, I end up penniless and homeless because I spent all my money on travelling the world, or like others predict, in jail because I got caught as part of a smuggling ring).

Note: This is my blog, and it is primarily a record of my travels for me, and a source of entertainment for my friends and family. All that is written on this site is my own opinion (unless it’s obviously not). It’s really not my problem if you don’t agree with my opinions, or how I choose to communicate them. At the end of the day, if you don’t like it, feel free to leave. I’m not going to change my style or opinions because they don’t suit you. I make no claims of being fair, balanced, impartial or even nice.


That said, I’m always happy to hear another opinion/side of the story, as long as it’s based on science, well thought out and not a personal attack on anyone. This includes attacks on anyone’s sex, sexual orientation, religion, race, country, skin colour, etc. Please enjoy your visit. Cheers.