Should I Learn Web Design

Is it worth it to learn web design? I’ve recently been deciding whether I should take the plunge and learn about web design in the two years I’ve decided I’m going to stick around Kununurra.

Taking the cheaper, and probably better-in-the-longterm option – I just learnt how to write that in bold using HTML text. Of course it would have taken me 2 seconds to click on the the bold icon, but that’s the point, you have to know how/why something works if you want to get better at it.

Now, you might disagree with me here. You might say – ‘but Sarah, I can be an amazing driver without being a mechanic as well’. Well, let me tell you, I think I’m an amazing driver, but when a mechanic hops into the car, they can tell just by the sounds that car makes, and how it reacts to you, what you’re doing wrong, and your usual driving style. I used to love jumping curbs before this unwise lifestyle choice was pointed out to me, including an explanation why. Just telling me ‘don’t do that’ isn’t going to solve anything. Saying that if you do that, your wheels will come out of alignment and you’ll probably have a blowout mid-freeway will get me to change my ways.

Leave it to the Professionals – I had a look at some web design courses at Open Universities to see if I could do an online course through them. It’s about $800 per unit, not including books. So, even if I wanted to do a half year course, it would cost me over $3,200. I probably still wouldn’t be that awesome at it. I figure I only want the course so I can make my blog look prettier. I’m sure I could pay a web design business who do it all day long about $800, and they’d do an amazing job of it. Of course, if I ever wanted to change anything, I’d have to pay them again, but I could still get them to completely revamp my website a number of times for the money I would need to shell out for a 6 month course.

So, if we go back to the car analogy I used above, I want to be able to fuel up my car, and possibly change the oil, and generally know my car pretty well, but all the big changes I’ll leave to the mechanic. After all, he (or she) did the 4 year apprenticeship, while I studied biology and chemistry at Uni. I’m not going to do all the training required (which includes an apprentice wage for 4 years) so I can save a few thousand dollars when it comes to fixing my car. If I do have a few spare hours here or there, I can read up on, or research new web designs (or how to swap my spark plugs), but if the reason you want to do something is due to financial reasons, think about all the costs before you plunge in.

PS: If you are a collector of vintage automobiles, or like to 4WD in remote areas, feel free to get that mechanic’s training. It’s not always a bad idea!!!


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