Life After Work

The Talk So, I had THE TALK with my supervisor and her supervisor (now I just need to talk to his supervisor). I am of course, referring to my big trip around the world (or wherever) that I want to take. We’ve talked back and forth a bit (me: I’m thinking early 2014 – them: what about late 2014), to which we finally compromised that yes I would stay till late 2014, but I would have at least a month’s break in February 2014 to break it up a bit! Then I mentioned that I would be quitting my job at this point in time, to which they told me I should just take a year off – unpaid leave – and then rejoin the office (2 years if I was really crazy).

What do I think? I agreed. It does sound like a good idea to have something to come back to after all my money has been spent, or I get sick of travelling and want to come home. While I have options for working overseas (I’ve leaning towards teaching English or SCUBA instructor), I’m not sure these are amazing career opportunities.

The Job Possibilities

Teaching The teaching gig sounds like a lot of hard work for someone who thinks they are amazing and always right (although come to think of it… they could actually be beneficial in that role). Since I love studying other languages, and speak 3 already, I like to think that I would be good at this. Not that I know anything about grammar or verbs or um.. that other Englishy stuff, but I’m sure a month of learning it at a TEFL course – especially if it’s on a Thai island – would make me an expert right?

Plus since I had the amazing foresight to go to Uni and do my undergrad (and not just because everyone else was doing it/I didn’t want to work at Coles my whole life), I can work pretty much anywhere in the world. You also get to work in really amazing parts of the world – usually places where they don’t speak English! Let me tell you, these places usually have a few things going for them including:

– Students respect the teachers. Let me tell you about my year 10 math class. Actually, let me just tell you that our math teacher walked out on us mid-class, disappeared for 3 weeks, came back and announced he was joining the Bureau of Meteorology to predict weather. Enough said.

– The food is usually amazing. There are way too many countries to list here that have amazing food, and guess what – that amazing Italian restaurant in your town – no comparison to the real thing. I will say though – dibs to England (an English speaking country would you believe) for having amazing Indian food.

By the way, I realize upon reading this anyone who has actually taught English in a foreign country will be laughing right now at my naivety, but all of the people I’ve spoken to who have actually done it, they love it! I also love reading blogs by people who have lived this life and love it (most of the time), such as Sally aka Unbrave Girl.

Diving Instructor So, this would be an amazing job, but for two things. Apparently you can’t really travel that well with that as your profession. From the blogs I’ve read and the advice chat boards are giving, it seems like a pretty tough job to get, and most people doing it have been with that one company for years – usually they’ve done their training with that company! The next issue is that it pays pretty bad, but hey, you get unlimited diving. You probably get more diving than you even want, and you have to look after inexperienced people all the time so you won’t be able to enjoy yourself as much. Plus it’ll probably be your 100th time in that one area, so you’ll have seen it.

On the plus – never pay for diving again, except for the extras like the tank and the boat if you go on holidays. You live (usually) in amazingly beautiful places, like tropical islands, or some other beach region, or even on a boat. Your JOB is what a lot of people do on holidays (this is not always a good criteria – I wouldn’t get a job guiding hikes or rock-climbing. So, I was thinking of taking up both professions. That way if I feel like living on the beach I can teach SCUBA, if I want to live inland, or I can’t get a SCUBA job, there’s always the option of teaching English.

If anyone has tried or is living the travelling SCUBA instructor life, please let me know. Otherwise, I’d like to keep daydreaming over here if you don’t mind.