Task 45: What is wrong with the following instructions, and how can they be made more effective?

  1. Jot that down – slang – ‘write that down’ is better.
  2. I wonder if you’d mind looking at question 4 and then if you could just answer it – too many words and unclear. ‘Please read question 4 and write/say the answer’
  3. I’d like you to read the text on page 4 and answer the first three, then compare your answers with the person next to you. After that write a short summary of the story and discuss with your partner. Too many instructions at once. Students will forget or be confused and ask you multiple times. Give the instructions one at a time. 
  4. Look at the question at the bottom of the page and think about an answer. Why should they think – is it to then later answer a question, or does the teacher actually mean answer the question now. 

Task 46: How would you respond to the comments below:

  1. I don’t want to work in a group because I will only learn mistakes from other students – it’s good to learn from our mistakes, and you and the other students will benefit from correcting each other and practicing your speaking. 
  2. I wish you could translate more words to my language – in real life we may not have access to a particular vocabulary word, and it is good to get used to describing that word using vocabulary already learnt. 
  3. Please don’t ask me to work with that student. I don’t like people from her country – explain that racism is stupid?
  4. Could we just talk in class and not use any books? –  Explain that learning all the major skills, receptive and productive, are important and that some learners in the classroom might learn better using the books.