Musings on the travel genre

As someone who is interested in travel, I read a lot of travel literature. Here are some of my ‘recent’ reads. Note: While I am publishing this, it is in no way actually finished. Please don’t judge me!!! 🙂

‘The Secret Life of Backpackers’ by Barry Divola, ‘The Full Montezuma’ by Peter Moore, and ‘Bangkok Days’ by Lawrence Osbourne. They are all ‘travel diaries’, but written by professional journalists which is probably why they got published in the first place. Or maybe it’s just that people who like writing and who are good at it naturally go into professions such as journalism. The first two appealed to me as they were written by Australians, and you understand all the little inside jokes, whereas when you read American or British novel you always wonder if you’re missing something.

The only problem I have with these types of books is that they are inevitably written by a Sydneysider who all think they are superior to the rest of Australia, and spend half the time taking the piss out of Victoria and Queensland, and ignore the rest of Australia as if they must just be the Victorian and QLD hinterlands. Not that I’m bitter or anything, but I promise you my loyal readers, when I’m a famous writer, I’ll make sure the world knows how amazing WA really is! Or maybe I won’t – we don’t want to encourage tourism do we!


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