Another thing I wanted to do was break down my budget for you guys (and myself) to show you how cheap it is to travel the way I do. The only problem is that you need lots of time if you want to travel cheaply. So, I keep ‘track’ of my expenses by using my netbank statement and an app called ‘Travel Expense Lite’.

I am a cheap person when I go to Asia. I wouldn’t blink at spending $40-$50 on a nice dinner out in Australia, but think it’s the biggest rip-off ever in Malaysia. I recently paid over $60 for a taxi from the airport (and have been known to pay over $70 in Perth), but a $10 taxi ride in Indonesia makes me go crazy. My friends and family tell me to chill, to get some perspective. They’re right, it’s something I need to work on!

So please, take these budgets with a grain of salt. Also, remember – those of us who were lucky enough to be born and raised in a ‘first world country’, or the ‘global north’, be thankful and chill – at least you have the option of travel. I love this post from ‘Around the world in 80 years‘ – Should Foreigners Pay More? Damn Straight! How is it fair that a local who makes less than a tenth of my (potential) salary should pay the same rate I do? As I said, I haven’t actually cemented this concept in my head, but I’m slowly getting there!