Task 27: Where does the stress fall on the following words:

  1. guarantee
  2. cavalry
  3. mechanisation
  4. language
  5. retreat
  6. speculative
  7. success
  8. balance
  9. identity
  10. articulate

Task 28:

  1. Mark the main stress on the words in the following ‘word family’. Why do you think non-native speakers often experience problems with these words?

photograph         photography            photographer       photographic

Non-native speakers sometimes have a problem with these words because they are very similar, yet are pronounced differently (when ‘logic’ says they should be pronounced similarly).

2. Mark the stress in the following pairs of words. Can you identify a pattern?

to record/a record           to increase/an increase    to present/a present   to import/an import

For 2-syllable verbs the stress is on the second half of the word, for nouns it’s on the beginning.

Task 29: The most common vowel sound in English is the sound found in many unstressed syllables. It is called the ‘schwa’ and is denoted by the symbol / ə /

For example father, where fa is stressed, and there is contains the ə, the weak sound.

Underline the / ə / in the following words:

mother     forget     announce     tonight     notable     mention   patrol  indicative