Task 24: Match the terms 1-3 with the definitions A-C

  1. stress – B
  2. phoneme – C
  3. intonation – A

A. the music of our voices

B. giving emphasis to one syllable

C. an individual sound

Task 25: Match the problems 1-3 with the outcomes A-C

  1. an individual sound is mispronounced. – B
  2. a request is made with a very flat intonation – C
  3. the wrong syllable is stressed in a word – A

A. the word is incomprehensible.

B. the listener may understand ‘bin’ when the speaker wanted to say ‘pin.

C. the speaker can sound arrogant and demanding.


Task 26: What are these words (words given in phonemic script):

  1. Though (there
  2. South
  3. Language
  4. Peaceful
  5. Young
  6. Cool (call
  7. Search
  8. Equation
  9. Sugar