Task 17:

The following examples of language contain different tenses which are underlined. The name of the tens is also given. decide what the time reference of each example is and remember that the time reference may not match the tense name. 

  1. The sun was shining brightly in the sky (past progressive) – Now
  2. They’ll have finished work on the bridge by then. (future perfect simple) – Future
  3. She’s been working in the garden all morning. (present perfect progressive) – Now
  4. Have you got a minute? I was wondering whether we could have a word. (past progressive). – Now
  5. They own most of the land around here. (present simple). – Now

Task 18: 

  1. What auxiliary verb is used to create the present progressive? – ‘be’, am, is, are, etc. e.g: I am studying, she is running. 
  2. What is the form of the lexical verb of the present progressive? – it ends with -ing, e.g. he is eating.