Task 12:

All of the following sentence (1-5) contain modal auxiliary verbs that are underlined. Tatch the modal verb to the definitions below (A-E). 

  1. You should see a doctor as soon as you can. – C
  2. You may go now, thank you. – E
  3. This letter must be from Frank – he’s the only one who hasn’t written so far. – B
  4. can’t play the piano very well. – A
  5. We couldo out, but I don’t know if I’m in the mood. – D
  • A. Ability.
  • B. Logical deduction
  • C. Advice
  • D. Possibility
  • E. Permission


Task 13:

Match the underlined verb form examples to the correct definition. 

  1. I worked until 7 o’clock last night. – past tense
  2. They’ve been seeing a lot of each other lately.
  3. She lives not far from here. – 3rd person/PST
  4. You have to try harder. – base form
  5. It was handed to me as I was leaving. – past participle
  • Base form
  • 3rd person – present simple tense
  • past tense form
  • past participle form
  • -ing form