Task 10:
Decide if the underlined verbs in the following sentences and questions are lexical verbs or auxillary verbs. 
  1. He watches TV for at least two hours every evening.
  2. What are you looking for?
  3. They aren’t going to come.
  4. What does he want?
  5. They haven’t been here before.
  6. He was waiting on the corner.


  1. Lexical
  2. Lexical
  3. Auxiliary
  4. Auxiliary
  5. Auxiliary
  6. Lexical


Task 11:
Decide if the underlined verbs be, do and have have an auxillary or lexical function in the following sentences and questions. 
  1. I had a bad headache yesterday.
  2. When do you get up each day?
  3. How long have you been learning English?
  4. I did it without thinking.
  5. We do some exercise every morning.
  6. Have you had them long?
  7. I was hoping for a quick answer.
  8. Are they still here?


  1. Lexical
  2. Auxiliary
  3. Auxiliary
  4. Lexical
  5. Auxiliary
  6. Lexical
  7. Auxiliary
  8. Auxiliary