Task 5

What qualities and skills a teacher might have would a student rate most highly (list of 23 given)

I would hope that a teacher embodies most of the characteristics on the list, but the 5 I would choose are:

  1. Enthusiastic and inspires enthusiasm. Learning can and should be fun, and the right teacher can help make it so. I think without enthusiasm in both the teacher and the students, much less learning takes place.
  2. Is sensitive to the learners as people (for me, this includes their cultural and background). When students don’t feel like their teachers respect them, they lose respect for the teacher and learning will suffer. The classroom dynamic becomes tense instead of relaxed.
  3.  Knows about language and learning. A teacher who knows their subject matter very well, as well as the fundamentals of learning can make an excellent teacher.
  4. Paces lessons to match the students. Part of this is planning a lesson, but being flexible enough to change if the needs of students change.
  5. Gives clear information and feedback. I think this is a personal observation. I really appreciate when a teacher communicates well and can help me in problem areas.