Task 1

1. In what context will you be doing the CELTA course. 

“the composition of the student body, classroom structures, and resources.” However, it does not include teachers or their ability to teach – Gregory Palardy, Assistant Professor of Education at the University of California, Riverside

So if this question is asking, what is the context of the Student Teachers, those of use learning how to teach English, then I would say that we are (all?)

  • 20+ (the course says that students must be 20+ unless there are exceptional circumstances),
  • probably with university degrees,
  • mostly native English speakers, although likely there will be some non-native speakers with high English proficiency,
  • people looking to pursue a jobs teaching English (unlike a university course that people might take just to further knowledge),
  • mostly people with no previous teaching experience, although there may be some people transitioning from regular teaching to TEFL, and some like me, who want to take the next step,
  • people who have done their research and want the most well-known certification,

The classroom will be made up of 8? students and previous graduates say that the school has excellent resources.

There will be input/collaboration sessions in a classroom, led by tutors/trainers. There will be teaching observation and practice, and assessment will be through practice teaching and written assignments.

2. Do you know what context you will be teaching in after you finish the course?

I’ll most likely be working for a school. I don’t really relish working from home or having private clients. I also don’t really want to travel for work very far, which seems to be the case for ‘company’ work. I’d like to try my hand at teaching adults, because I’ve taught children for so long. I have shied away from teaching adults because I don’t have the skills or the confidence yet. I’m hoping this course can give me both.