I was listening to a podcast today. It was by Olly Richards, who is behind the ‘I Will Teach You A Language’ business. I don’t always enjoy his podcasts, but they are quite motivating, and if I don’t like them, it’s because I haven’t been doing the right thing. I haven’t been studying, or, like in today’s example, I haven’t been studying the right way. That, according to Olly, is because I don’t have a focus. So I’m learning a little of everything, but not actually making progress where I want to be, so I’m not really seeing any results.

Well, no results might be getting a bit extreme. I definitely know a lot more vocabulary than I did at first. But that’s about it. I can probably last about 10 seconds in an actual conversation, and that’s because that’s how long it would take me to say the few phrases I know.

Hola, me llamo Sarah. Yo soy de Australia.

So I’ve been doing a little research on actual study (or wasting my time on Pintrest, however you want to put it) and am going to write up a few thoughts here. Hopefully I can keep this section going and see how/if my Spanish improves over time.

So, in regards to actual studying, here are some ideas. This is from Arvae Art of Learning:

Clean and tidy your room. Done, I always procrastinate anything to do with actual work by cleaning my room first.

Clean and tidy your desk. Same thing. Anything that can possibly require cleaning and/or tidying has been done. I’m leaving the bathroom for tomorrow as there’ll be time for the chemicals to dissipate while I’m at work. Also, sorting out my clothes can wait for when I’m due for some SERIOUS procrastination. I have a strong urge to clean out my wardrobe right now. MUST RESIST….

Wash your hand and face. Oh. *looks down at Batman pjs*. I’ve definitely washed my hands, I’m not a complete feral, but I haven’t had my shower today.

Wear clean clothes. Again, didn’t happen today…

Brush or wash your hair. Brushed my hair, added a little argan oil. I eat my meals in a cafeteria with other teachers. Pjs OK, bedhead, not so much.

Make your room bright. But, but… it’s the Bat Cave… Ok, lights go on.

Light scented candles. Err no. No scents for me!

Put the study materials near your desk. Hmm. Might need to make some room. But how? I have way too much stuff.

Oh my goodness, there’s two more sections to this study manual?! That’s just ridiculous. No wonder no-one has time to study. They’re spending the whole time getting ready to study. Looks like it might be time to start procrastinating again. Hey look, my wardrobe is RIGHT THERE. It must be a sign!