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February turned out to be such a fantastic month. So much so that I ended up getting quite sick at the end/beginning of March and was out for abut 5 days. One of the best things was that the weather suddenly turned from freezing cold to almost warm.

Leah and I decided to go hiking and we climbed up Apsan. Such a great hike.


Just look at those clear skies!

The air was crisp and clear, and I think we had the best view of the city that I’d ever had up there.

Just look at those views!


Work was pretty chilled out, and we actually had a lot of office days. I spent most of my time researching materials for learning Spanish. Haven’t actually used any of them yet, but they’re on my hard drive for future use. After our hike, Leah and I got pizza from EtoH’s. So good!


Towards the end of the month, I went out for dinner and dancing with Kristin. It was a lot of fun, and we got a hotel room so that we didn’t have to trek all the way back. I won’t be doing it again in a big hurry, because of how Korean clubs allow smoking inside, and I just can’t tolerate the smell of smoke these days. Also, I’m a grandma that struggles to stay up past 11pm these days.


February was a great break after a hectic January, and I’m hoping March will be similar. I really need to focus on some of my goals, such as learning Spanish and losing weight, and I’m hoping March is the time to do that!