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November 2016 was awesome, mostly because I planned my vacation so that I flew to Perth for my friend Jodi’s wedding, and then I also managed to go and visit my parents for my birthday. While in Perth I caught up with several friends, including the amazing Ione who picked me up from the airport and let me stay with her for the whole time. I also saw Erin a couple of times which was nice, Maya and Mel, Monica and Rebekah, Sam and Alisha, Steve and Shakeena. So many old friends that I haven’t seen for so long because I choose to live abroad.

The wedding itself was beautiful. It was my first wedding, and it was really lovely. I can totally see how it would take more than a year to get everything organised.


The wedding itself was outside, overlooking the water. There were lots of flowers and the weather was perfect. The only slightly annoying thing was that my heels kept sinking into the grass!

Jodi and David had a great celebrant, and it was so nice listening to their vows. Jodi’s were very serious, sincere and heartfelt. David’s were heartfelt, but also a little on the lighter side, joking how he’d trust Jodi with everything except the credit card, making a comment about her use of Botox (the gasp amongst the guests was hilarious) and laughing at her for her love of reality TV shows. It’s so lovely when you find someone who loves you FOR your quirks, and not despite them.

After the ceremony we had to pose for a million photos, then we were herded into a bar where we had a few drinks. Afterwards, we headed upstairs to a great room full of beautifully decked out tables full of flowers. We also had an amazing view of the water and all the boats which were lit up. But the best was yet to come, with an absolutely amazing menu.


This all came with an unlimited bar, so we had the waiters keep the champagne topped up. After some food, the families of the happy couple trotted out some speeches. Pretty much everyone said something about the future children the couple is supposed to have. Good luck to them if that’s what they want, but after what Jodi’s sister went through, many rounds of expensive and painful IVF, I would have wished that the well-wishers could have focused more on this special moment in their lives. Again, David’s friends and family were the funniest. I guess it’s usually more serious on the woman’s side? Who knows, this was my first wedding.

As the wedding cake was trotted out, the DJ began playing a bit more lively music, and people started filling up the dancefloor. Jodi had also arranged for a photobooth, complete with props. That was a lot of fun!


At the end of the night, Mel and I got a taxi home (ridiculously expensive) and I didn’t even have much of a hangover the next day. I guess I’m too scared of the hangover to drink enough these days.

After a few more days, I flew to Brisbane where my dad picked me up and took me back to Goomboorian. I had a lovely few days there. I helped out in the garden. It’s kind of sad, because it used to be ‘my’ garden, and now it’s my mum’s. It’s different if it’s not yours. You kind of need to ask for permission (although, honestly my mum wouldn’t care, unless I did something drastic). But it’s also nice, because you no longer have the responsibility of long term care. Kind of like teaching a kid instead of parenting haha.

I do love their farm though, it is so beautiful. Hopefully one day my wunderlust will have gone and I can settle down on the farm with them and make it work somehow. Ah dreams.