I have a ‘language exchange partner’. But it’s a bit of a joke, because we don’t speak Korean, because I don’t speak Korean.

It’s all my fault. Ginny would be more than happy to help me practice, but I’m lazy and and feel like an idiot whenever I try and speak. The bad (or good, depending on your POV) is that you don’t really need to speak Korean to get by here. Koreans are so nice, they’ll try almost anything to help you communicate with them. It’s interesting though how many foreigners refuse to learn Korean, but are the first to complain when people who visit their home countries don’t speak English. But this is not a discussion on that. This is celebrating my attempts on trying to learn more about Korean culture and Ginny practicing her English and showing this clueless foreigner around her home town.

We managed to have a look at Seomun Market before part of it burnt down. Unfortunately the part the burnt down was full of hanboks, and I remember not taking photos when going through that section because I thought it would be rude.


Seomun Market, a fun place to browse and look for random things!

We also explore Daegu, walking around a lot, discovering that Daegu has A LOT of churches. But most of all, we just eat at different place. We enjoy trying new places that neither of us have tried before.



But mostly we just eat dessert!


Hmmm, lattes!

We went to one cafe and saw some friends celebrating something. They gave us a piece of cake! We also ordered an absolutely delicious bread roll filled with butter and jam! So good!


I love dessert!