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It’s been a ‘sweltering’ average of 30 degrees here in Korea, though with the high humidity, it does mean that I managed to sweat a little. 

So what’s been going on here? Well, as I may have mentioned before, I work at a massive school, with over 50 foreign teachers, mostly American. Most people only sign up for a one year contract, so as you may imagine, that means a lot of leaving parties. I have have been to at least 4 teachers’ leaving parties, and there’s a handful that were anti-social enough to not have one.

I’ve managed to get up to a few things in the meantime. I went to the Mud Festival, where some co-workers and I played around in ‘mud’ and then went to an Psy concert on the beach (he was the guy that did Gangnam Style). What an excellent weekend!

Also I’ve started my Korean classes, which are every Saturday morning. At this point it’s the only thing keeping me motivated because the last thing I want to do after teaching Summer Intensive Classes all day is to study. But, I have all the books, so when my motivation returns, I’ll be ready for it.

Let me know if you have any tips for doing something that you don’t REALLY need to do. But really SHOULD do.

I’ve been trying all sorts of different foods here. The other week I tried pork intestines rolled up and fried on the grill. It was crispy and tasted like pork crackling. Heaven. Next I might try chicken feet haha! Apparently some people don’t like them because the texture is a little like gelatin. 

Also, I really want to try the Butter Caramel Pringles which come in a pink can… doesn’t that sound delicious?!

I’m also joining the Cooking Team at the school, which means I’ll be able to teach the children how to cook. You’d be surprised how many 14 year old Koreans have never baked a biscuit before in their life!