Over the next two months I will be living in Phuket, Thailand. I have booked two months of gym workouts and accommodation, and now it’s up to me to make the most of it. I found limited information on what a fitness camp is actually like, so am going to record my experience here. Also, I’m really hoping I’ll look back in the future and think ‘was I once really so ignorant?’

I first found out that this actually existed about a month before I started. I was volunteering in Malaysia on Tioman Island, and there was nothing to do. We had taken care of the guests, done the daily snorkelling, eaten lunch, and there’s only so many Chinese historical dramas you can watch before they have to have you committed.

That left the internet, and I tumbled into the bottomless pit that is travel blogging. Reading about other peoples’ adventures is incredibly addictive, and I found so many great bloggers. The blog post that got me hooked onto this new adventure was written by ‘Love Puffin’ (probably not her legal name :)) titled ‘Everything You Need To Know About Titan Fitness‘. The title is technically true, it had all the information I needed to know in order to make a decision and sign up, but I still had loads of questions. Also, she travelled with her boyfriend, so would have had somewhat of a different experience to a solo traveller.

While still in Malaysia I started thinking about the practical side of what I was about to do. Well, mostly about what I was going to wear. Now, I’m no fashion plate, not even close. Basically my daily look is mostly about covering the most important bits without melting in the process. But, apparently exercise requires a certain type of clothing. Like the type you can move in.

My pants selection consisted of 1 pair of boardshorts for swimming, 1 x knee length pants, 1 x hippy pants and 1 pair of jeans. Don’t ask me why I brought jeans to South East Asia. They’re comfortable ok! I ditched the jeans and sent the hippy pants home, along with a bunch of Christmas presents for my mum.

My tops consisted of layering options, long singlets and and shorter t-shirts on top to cover the girls and the shoulders. Is it hot, yes, is it worth it to stop creepy guys staring at my chest everywhere (the bus station, walking down the street, in restaurants, in shops)? Why yes, yes it is. So I had about 2 tops that were suitable for the gym.

This meant I had to buy some. But I’d been to Thailand before. It’s great for backpacker clothing, but I’d never noticed clothing for sports. I knew I needed to get a sports bra at the very least. So I went clothing shopping. We’d been at it for hours, and I ended up settling for a hot pink sports bra I found somewhere. After trying it out later in real life, I realised it didn’t work. Even simple walking would cause it to end up around my neck.

Then, after dinner with a local friend of a friend, he showed us a discount sports outlet (Sports Direct) where I stocked up on about $130 worth of bras, tops and shorts. Later I spent the same again in Kuala Lumpur at another Sports Direct picking up some more things. I threw out the last of my non-sports bras and a couple of tops, packed my carry-on and flew to Thailand.

So, after travelling from Kuala Lumpur to Phuket, then getting to my hotel, I actually started my training on my 27th birthday. Happy Birthday to me!

I had the orientation, did a class then got a taxi to the Tesco Lotus where I stocked up all sorts of things like towels, hair dryer, kettle and a whole bunch of things that would make my 2 months here run smoothly.

In the next post, I’ll talk about weeks one and two.