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August has proved to be very uneventful. I was able to spend lots of time with my Mum and Dad, baking, cooking and helping out on the farm. It’s nice to come home, have a break from work (well, I work, but it’s not 8 hours straight, like in Korea). Here on the farm I’ve taken over cooking most of the meals, washing up, doing laundry, mowing the pastures, burning out old tree stumps and doing a spot of gardening here and there. We’ve had a couple of snakes show up, which we’ve named Circle and Oval. Here is a picture of me with Circle, the first day we saw her*.


*My parents and I speak Swiss at home. In Swiss-German, many nouns have male or female articles. For example, we say ‘the snake’, but in German, the ‘the’ is female – ‘die’. For male nouns, such as dogs, we would use the masculine version ‘der’. I won’t write any of the words we use as Swiss is not a written language, and I never learnt to write in German, which is what Swiss people use to communicate in written form. Therefore, for this reason you will often hear Swiss and German people speak about all snakes as female – ‘She is crossing the path’.