Before I left Korea, I decided I needed to visit its famous holiday island, Jeju. I flew down and stayed in a hostel near the main bus terminal. While this was convenient for taking the bus, next time I would probably stay closer to the downtown area which has more restaurant and shopping options.

Jeju 1

Jeju 2 Jeju 3

Jeju 4Walking through the lava tubes underneath Jeju.

Jeju 5

Visiting the Sangumburi Crater.

jeju 6

The only photo of Loveland I felt comfortable sharing. Definitely a highlight of the trip though! jeju 7

Enjoying the fantastic buffet at VIPS. Expensive for Korea (about $30 per person), but some of the best western food I’ve had in Korea! jeju 8

The city beaches tended to get a little crowded. jeju 9 jeju 10 jeju 11

So I went and found a less crowded one to while away a few hours at. jeju 12 jeju 13 jeju 14

Jeju is definitely a great place to relax and enjoy the best of both Korea and island life.