Once again, I’ve had an incredibly busy month. The high-light though, was when my aunt Beatrice came to visit me for a week. We had such a great time exploring Seoul and Suwon.
standing with soldiers

First of all, I was quite sick for most of April (though thankfully not the mumps like one of my co-teachers had). I tried to tough it out for 3 weeks, but then went to see a doctor who gave me medicine for 8 days, and I though it had cleared up, but now it’s back.
Anyway, back to the fun stuff. My aunt arrived on Thursday night and I wasn’t able to pick her up from the airport as I work nights, but she managed to catch a bus and I met her at the bus station here. This is quite an achievement considering my aunt doesn’t speak Korean or much English, but it’s a testament to both her and Korea that she was able to catch a bus to my home ‘city’ which is actually outside of Seoul.
walking through
She bravely ate all the spicy Korean food I shoved her way, and tried new experiences like the Korean bath-houses and the ice museum. She also put up with my hacking up phlegm every 30 seconds which was nice of her :). Note, some of you might be thinking that it’s because of the air pollution, but no, this is not China, I just managed to get a bad throat infection and didn’t do anything serious to fix it for much too long.
temple paint
So yes, we explored ancient fortresses and palaces, had fun at the trick-eye museum and painting cups, and ate soooooo much food. I really had a great time.
In other news…. work is busy as usual. Well, maybe more so than usual. We’ve been told that we need to write weekly comments on all the students, check their online homework and book reports (as well as their usual book homework), as well as learn a whole new system (in Korean) in order to input said comments and test results. I’ve become the master of creating instruction manuals with Word on how to navigate the various sites so all the teachers cause use them.
Also, spring is officially here, warm weather and all, and we had our first picnic of the year up in the hill overlooking out apartment buildings.
Yoga is now ridiculously hot, because they don’t seem to understand that warm weather + 30 sweaty women + no air conditioner + closed windows = sauna. Not that I have been going much because I was having trouble breathing.
I saw Avengers: Age of Ultron, which was amazing.
Ok, so I actually wasn’t really that busy this month, it just felt like it because I would go to work, come home and crash, then repeat. But, hopefully this month will bring many excursions and with them lots of photos!
trick eye 3