Of course this month has been another hectic, fun filled one. One were
I spent too much money, but also one that ended up with an inordinate
amount of photos being posted to Facebook.

As most people are aware, February 14th was Valentines Day. Before I explain about the Korean Valentines traditions, I’d like to make a comment. Being single on Valentines Day is THE BEST! You get to spend the whole day (if it happens to fall on a Saturday as it did this year) having fun with your girlfriends! This Valentines we went shopping for pretty things, spoiled ourselves with High Tea, went to a messy burger joint and ate too many chilli fries, then danced the night away in at an all-you-can-drink cocktail bar before singing our hearts out at Karaoke and walking home at 5am.

high tea 1Interestingly enough, Korea celebrates ‘Valentine’s Day’ over 3 days.
They have Valentines Day (February 14th for those living under a
rock), where the girls give chocolate to the boys they fancy. Then, a
month later, on March 14th, Koreans celebrate ‘White Day’ were the
boys give candy to the girls they like (I got 2 lollipops from a
thoughtful co-worker). Then, and I think this should be a thing in
Aus, they have Black Day on April 14th. This is a day for singles, and
they go out together and eat jajangmyeon, a Chinese dish of noodles
covered in black bean sauce. Quite tasy actually. So there you go,
Valentines fun times three!

All the treats were carefully crafted.

All the treats were carefully crafted.

February and March have been so busy, and I won’t bore you with all the details, but here are the highlights.

I went the the poo cafe…. haha. It’s not quite as cool as the toilet resturants in Taiwan and Japan (from the pictures I’ve seen), but you can still drink out of mini toilets and eat poo shaped desserts. We had a 5 day weekend (thank you Lunar New Year), so we spent the time trying to fit in as many things as possible. I’ve managed to go and see quite a few temples and other important Korean cultural heritage.

poo dessertI had a great girls trip to Daegu – Korea’s 3rd largest city. We did too much shopping (Korea is AMAZING for shopping) and had a great lunch of dukgalbi, then met up with a friend. After that we went to a boardgame cafe and played Taboo for over 2 hours. I loved Taboo… I’m thinking it might have to be the next Waser family board game since no one wants to play Pictionary with me anymore.

Dukgalbi has to be one of the most delicious foods I've ever had.

Dukgalbi has to be one of the most delicious foods I’ve ever had.

While in Daegu we went to an amazing temple high up in the mountains where ancient Buddist texts are kept. While it was a bit sad that we couldn’t really see the texts (they were locked up for safe keeping), it was still an amazing

Drinking a fairy floss Makgeolli in Daegu.

Drinking a fairy floss Makgeolli in Daegu.

I also took a trip to the National Museum of Korea, a really excellent museum – and free! While we went there mainly to see the Pompeii Exhibition (yes yes, I know, going to see an Italian exhibition in Korea), the actual museum was also quite facinating.

Then there was the night I went to the Noryangjin Fish Markets, which was AMAZING! A huge market full of fish vendors, all competing to sell you fresh, ready to eat sashimi (or hwe as it’s pronounced in Korean). Sooooooo good!

The Noryangjion Fish Markets - a great place to get fresh seafood of all kinds!

The Noryangjion Fish Markets – a great place to get fresh seafood of all kinds!

Of course, between all of these I’ve been eating and drinking ridiciously good food and drink, as well as just generally enjoying myself to the max. That’s another post though, so I hope you enjoyed this one. Till next time!

P.S: Bowling in Korea is super hard! They don’t have guard rails!! NOOOOOOO!