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It has started really cooling down here. It’s strange because I know it’s warming up in Aus, and surprisingly it makes a huge impact (mentally). I’ve survived almost 4 months here in Korea, and I get the odd twinges of home sickness. However, my weeks have never been more full, and I keep having to turn down social invites, though I try to fit in at least one social activity per weekend.

Work is good. The stress keeps on though. On the 26th of November, I will be HEAD TEACHER at my school, because our previous head teacher left last Wednesday (after being with the school for three years), and our current head teacher is going home over Christmas for 5 weeks. No pressure though…

As I mentioned last time, we had an American teacher who got really sick and had to move out of her apartment because it contained mould. The problem was that she then never returned to the school. She said this was because she had no money and the school was refusing to reimburse her medical bills. The school said it was refusing to pay because she hadn’t shown up to work and hadn’t directly contacted them to tell them that she wasn’t coming in. She would text message me sometime during the day to let me know she wasn’t coming in.

Basically it was all a giant shambles and everyone is to blame for the giant mess it has ended up as.

The school has ended up having to cram classes together and hire 3 new teachers (I guess they don’t want to be in the same position of having only just enough teachers). This has stressed teachers and office staff, angered parents, disrupted student routines and all around been a negative experience for the school.

The teacher has lost her job, lost her apartment, has no money and will now likely be arrested and be forcibly removed from Korea and deported back to the US. All because she got sick.

Enough about the negatives though! These last two weeks have been crazy at the school. I was appointed unofficial creative head of the Halloween committee. This will make everyone who knows me well laugh, because growing up in Australia, in a religious household, we did not celebrate Halloween AT ALL. Afterwards, I don’t think I really go into it. At uni it was always just before exams, and otherwise… it was just never a big thing. However, I apparently have the craziest ideas.

I decided we were going to make paper mache piñatas for the whole school. Even after merging classes, we had to make 19 piñatas!!!

We had some students “help” us, but R, K and I would often stay late after work, or arrive early to put on a few more layers. Over the two days we celebrated Halloween though, they were awesome. The kids loved them, and all the hard work was (somewhat) forgotten.

It was a lot of fun. Most of the teachers and students dressed up, and we did fun activities such as read and write scary stories. Some of the kids wrote really scary stuff. I’ll see if I can get a hold of a really scary one and share it with you!