Time for another update. Things have gotten really crazy around here!

I moved apartments
My school moved buildings
I’m starting level 2 of Korean class and making new friends.
My uni work is ramping up.
My co-worker went to the ER due to breathing problems caused by cold complicated by an allergy to the mold in her apartment. Note: I know the Australian spelling is mould, but it just looks wrong. Like gaol.
It’s fall here in Korea. Ok, so this last item doesn’t really sound like a big deal, but it’s very interesting so see the seasons change!

Moving apartments:

So, remember before when I told you I was living in a tiny apartment, in the basement with tiny windows that was a ground level to a car park. I could see people’s feet walk past when I was showering. This meant that my apartment was constantly damp, dark and moldy. The only good thing that it was often too dark to see the mold…

I once lived in a tent for a year and preferred that.

When I had the opportunity to move to another apartment, I jumped at it. My new apartment, while still featuring some mold, was located on the 2nd floor with big windows overlooking a park. It was much bigger both in floor space and ceiling height. It features a desk that I don’t have to hunch over in order to write or type. Some things are worse… like the shower, and the moldy shower door, and the fact that I only have two working lights (although thankfully one is in the main room and one is in the bathroom).

There is also the fact that I had to spend TWO DAYS cleaning the new apartment before I moved in, because everything was covered in a strange sticky gunk, covered in dust and generally looked like it hadn’t been cleaned for over a year. No wonder the previous tenant left behind 5 cans of bug spray…

All in all, I’m liking the move. I now have enough room that I can host guests, so come on over!

School is Moving

As well as having to move apartments (all by myself may I add), my school is also moving. This is, on the face of it, a good thing. Our current location has practically become a sue-able health hazard, and we are now moving to a ‘new’ building. Except that we are moving this weekend, and when I walked past the new location last night they were still fixing it up. As in, it had no windows yet… Also, our school it too cheap to hire proper movers, so the teachers get to don dust masks and help out. Not that I mind that much, but it’s just that it’s one thing after another.

Some good points are that we are moving to a busy street, and that it’s quite a bit closer to where I live, so that is exciting!

Level 2 Korean and Making Friends

I’m not sure if I mentioned that most Saturdays I head into Seoul to practice Korean for two hours. It’s a lot of fun, though by the end of the ‘semester’, I was the only student still attending level one. Everyone else had dropped out. But my Korean teacher Ga-Young is really nice, and she and I sometimes have coffee together instead of using a classroom to do the lesson. This Sunday we are planning to meet up for some ‘chicken and beer’, one of Korea’s most ubiquitous dishes, on the Han River. One good thing is that one of my friends who did level 2 while I was doing level 1 has been a bit lazy last semester, and as such is repeating level 2, so it will be a lot of fun learning together!

I have also been ‘Facebook introduced’ to two new potential friends, one Korean and one Australian, that I hope to meet up with this weekend. On Saturday night I am joining a meet-up with locals and expats at an Indian restaurant, and next Friday we are having another meet up (different people) at ‘our’ local expat bar. So I’m trying to put myself out there, meet some cool people and have a lot of fun while I’m here.

Uni Workload Increasing

This is going to be a short section, but I just wanted to let you know that I am working on a huge assignment right now, and as well as all the other stuff that’s going on (see above), I haven’t really had that much free time lately, so I apologise if I don’t respond to messages or forget to reply.

Co-Worker in the ER

I’m not sure if you where paying attention in the apartment section, but I threw around the word ‘mold’ a lot. One of my co-workers is allergic to mold, and when she got a cold, her allergies turned it into something that caused her to require emergency medical attention. Mainly because she had an ‘asthma’ attack and couldn’t breathe. Anyway, I contacted our boss and told him about the situation. I told him that her doctors had said she shouldn’t go back to her mold-infested apartment.

My boss said that she should move to MY old apartment. I informed him that my old apartment had more mold than hers did. Then he said he would remove the mold as soon as the school had finished moving (which is probably going to be next week at some point). I said that’s fine, she’ll probably stay in a cheap hotel until then. He replies that the school might not pay for a hotel. I replied that he needs to take that up with my co-worker. He then starts complaining how she “isn’t adjusting to Korea or to teaching”. I told him she was an excellent teacher and not to talk to me about it.

Anyway, I’ll see how things go.


The weather is getting cool, I will soon have to choose between totally closing my windows or getting another blanket. I need to wear a jumper in the evenings, and sometimes during the day too. September is drawing to a close, and before I know it, the snow will arrive! I’m looking forward to seeing the leaves change colours!

Hope you are all well. Going to go to my bank and see if I can figure out Internet banking. Or at least pay my bills.