I’m planning on moving to South Korea (referred to as ‘Korea’ from now on), and as I have been thinking about this for quite some time, I have done quite a bit of research. By research, I mean trawling through blogs of former and current expats teaching English in Korea. As such, I have folders and sub-folders in my bookmarks page, with a lot of information about Korea. I have decided to attempt to create a comprehensive page which will have links connecting to all these resources, whether it be what to bring with you to Korea, where to buy the best pizza if you need a Western fix, or even what make-up you should be buying in Korea.

What to Pack

I know it looks like I’ve added a lot of links in this section – but better to be prepared right?

What to Pack for a Year in Korea – Ask the Expat

Coming to Korea: what to pack and what to buy (2012 edition) – One Weird Globe

Packing Like a Pro – Seoul Searching

The Real Deal on What You Should Bring to Korea – The Wanderlust Project

What to Pack When Moving to Korea – Yoginis Quest

Things To Bring On The Plane – Kimchi Icecream

Your First Week

Tips for Your First Week – The Arrival Store

Learning Korean

It might just be me, but I find computer programs – like Rosetta Stone – to be much to hard for total beginners (like me). As most people recommend, it is best to learn the alphabet before anything else. A lot of words like coffee, hamburger, orange, juice, etc are very similar in Korean, so at least you won’t starve 🙂

Talk to Me in Korean – This is really great for learning Korean! You really learn a lot, it’s actually fun, and it’s FREE!

Tips and Resources for Learning Korean – A Breath of Foreign Air

Learning Korean: Which Program is Right for You? – Seoul Searching

10 ways to learn Korean, and how I went with them – Waegukin

5 Tips for Speed Learning a Language – Grrrl Traveler

15 Phrases to Learn First – The Arrival Store

Ways to Remember the Korean Alphabet (Hangul) – Korean You Say

And for some fun:

Friday Phrase – Waegook Tom

Exploring Korea

Places to Visit

Best places to visit in Korea. Our top 5 – Travel With a Mate

50 beautiful places to visit in Korea – CNN

Things to Do

What To Do in Korea: Sally’s List – A Breath of Foreign Air

10 Things To Do This Winter in Korea – The Soul of Seoul

Top 10 Things to do in South Korea – Great Big Scary World

A waygook’s guide to visiting South Korea for the first time – Nothing Much About Anything

Food map: Eat your way around Korea – CNN

Expat Women Living in South Korea – Expat Women

How to Get Around Korea

How to travel in Korea: Love motels and inter-city buses – Waegukin

KTX train Seoul to Busan – Modern Seoul

TMONEY and the Korean Metro System – Lost in the ROK

Everyday Life

Inside my apartment in Korea – Grrrl Traveler

Doing Your Laundry – From Korea With Love

Coming to Korea: 20 stores you know and their local versions – Travel Wire Asia

Magic Straight in Korea and New NETs: Odds and Ends Survival Guide (Part 4 – THINGS TO BUY)) – Korea, Kimchi & K-pop

Beauty in Korea and The Best Pizza in Seoul – The Wanderlust Project

Minwha Painting Class – Adventures in Teaching (South Korea)

In the Know – Seoul Searching

When a Waegook Visits the Doctor in Korea – Lateral Movements

Life in Korea Comics – Dom And Hyo

Why I Love Korea and You Should Too – Lost in the ROK

6 Months in Korea: We’re Halfway There! – That Backpacker

Life in Korea – Dating Culture – C. Unggie

Taxis in Seoul – Korea 4 Expats

10 Websites That Will Make Life in Korea Easier – Evan and Rachel

Korea: A Tough Cultural Nut to Crack – Adventurous Kate

Top 10 weirdest things in Korea – LADventures

The Code of the Waygook – Greg in Busan

10 Reasons Why Expat English Teachers Don’t Settle In South Korea – Modern Seoul

Natalie: A Young Minnesotan Teaching ESL in South Korea – Teaching Traveling

Korean Culture and Codes of Conduct – ATESK

What is Homes Plus? – Seoul Sarang

Drinking Culture in Korea – Matador Network

Buying ‘Plus Size’ Clothing – Waygook.com

Teaching English

Ask a Waegook F.A.Qs – The Waegook Effect

How to Get the Job

So You Wanna Teach English in Korea? – Grrrl Traveler

Teaching English in Korea – the big guide – Waegukin

How To Get A Job Teaching English In Korea – Sauteed Happy Family

Public Vs Private

Public Schools vs. Hagwons in South Korea – TEFL or Bust

Teaching in Korea: Comparing EPIK, GEPIK, SMOE & Private Schools – Go Overseas

The Perks

Can You Really Make Money Teaching in Korea? – Around the World in 80 Jobs

How to Save $17,000 Teaching in Korea For 1 Year – That Backpacker

10 Benefits of Teaching English in South Korea – Great Big Scary World

The Contract

What to Ask For, and What Not to Stress Over – Transitions Abroad

Teaching English Abroad – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly – Transitions Abroad

The Job

Day 16 – First Day at School – Waegooks Diary

“Where do I find ESL games, ESL lessons and ESL activities?” – Christopher Anderson

Teaching English in South Korea: The Job – David Paul

Harry Potter English Camp – Adventures in Teaching (South Korea)

Open Letter To New Teachers In Korea – Roboseyo

How to Handle You New English Teacher – Korea Cait


Secret Eats in Seoul – Waegook Tom

Photoblog: Street Food in Seoul – Wild Junket

Coffee with CharacterHow to Stretch Your Won and Save Money While Living in Seoul and Hanging with the Makgeolli Mamas and Papas – Seoul Searching

Puppy Playtime at the Bau House in Seoul – Adventurous Kate

Runaway to Sister’s City: Seoul, Korea by Katie Tibbetts – Runaway Juno

Coming to Korea: where to live? About the neighborhoods in Seoul and Gyeonggi-do – One Weird Globe


Sneak Peek at Daegu – Aclipse

Daegu Stamp Trail – Christopher Anderson

Self-Defense Courses – The Korea Herald

The Inside View – Teaching in Daegu – The Teacher Port Blog

Commentary on Expats in Korea

What Type of Expat in Korea are You? – The Unlikely Expat

The Korean and the foreigner – Commentary on Korea

The Korean notion of “waeguk-saram” (foreigner) – Learning Twigs

Other Excellent Resources

Everything You Need to Prepare For Working in Korea – Go Overseas

Info on Moving to South Korea – The Korea Guide

The Expat Lounge – The Arrival Store

The Newbie Teacher Guide – Jason Ryan Teacher

There are also loads of great YouTube videos out there 🙂

Some Blogs I Like

Cory’s Korean Adventure

Red Pen of Doom