Ivanhoe - long

I got back to Australia in time for Easter, which coincided with a massive bout of rain, right on the tail end of the wet season. Seasonal creeks run, waterfalls flow and rivers overflow.

Hidden Valley

Mum and her friend Linda arrived soon after and I got to be a tourist in Kununurra for a few days, as well as heading out to our station, Kachana, for a few days. After spending a couple of weeks with Mum and Dad, I set off across the north of Australia to visit my sister in Townsville.

Spending a couple of days hanging out with my little sister and her two housemates was fun – if a little tiring keeping up with teenagers!


I guess they were happy I visited, as I brought along the alcohol left over from Lil Sis’s 18th (about 10 bottles worth of everything from Jagermeister to Midori). Should last a bunch of uni students about a week… 

On the way down to Gympie I stayed a night in Gladstone, an eerie mining town which looks like it’s on fire at night. After arriving much later than I thought due to extensive road rebuilding projects along the route (you may remember Queensland has had one or two floods recently), I couldn’t get into the property, because the gate key I had wouldn’t fit! Not to worry, I walked in, made sure the fridge was running, and went down to Gympie to get some supplies.

Everything’s great now, except I still need to drive into town to get internet reception! I’m even starting up a little garden. Should be great fun!