Everyday I daydream about diving. It’s an obsession with me. I spend countless hours reading online blogs on diving (good thing I don’t have a job anymore!), searching for the best (cheapest) places to get certified – if the place has amazing beaches that doesn’t hurt either.

Diving in Thailand 2009
It’s kind of crazy when you think about it – I’ve only ever done 5 dives, and that was in the space of 3 days more than 2 years ago.      Yet, I think about diving often and being so close – yet so far – from world class diving makes me a little nuts! The only thing that keeps me going is the thought that in about 10 days I will be diving again – it would be sooner, but I need to vote in the Australian local elections, so I need to be in Denespar, Bali on the 4th of March – after that I head on over to Lombok and then the Gili Islands. Or maybe I’ll change my mind when I get there. There’s a few islands just off Bali’s east coast that look interesting!
I must admit too, the thought of drinking a lemon lime and bitters (perhaps mixed with a bit of vodka) does float my boat just a little. I mean, the island is full of Australians – they must have it. Also, a floating boat is always good – Indonesia has a bit of a bad reputation for boatloads of tourists sinking – with all thier possessesions!
Yes, I am looking forward to behaving like a typical bogan Aussie in Bali – it’ll be a welcome break from the Islamic pressure I constantly feel in Malaysia. Even when hanging out in the Chinese dominated areas, you always have this feeling that people will judge you for wearing ‘revealing’ clothing.
I’m also excited about traveling again. Having been based in Melaka for so long, I now have itchy feet again and am ready for my next adventure. So, now my biggest problem – fitting into a wetsuit after eating pretty much every waking moment in Malaysia!
Just a side note about the food here in Malaysia – most of it is greasy, fatty, sugary and loaded with simple carbs (like a lot of delicious food), so yes, I’ve put on weight! An Mayo Fruitexample of the mindset here: the other day I was eating with Ying and a friend of hers at a small cafe. They had a picture of a salad roll, with tomato, lettuce, etc, so I ordered that. It came out with no tomato or lettuce, instead it consisted of pieces of apple, onion and cabbage (all raw) swimming in mayonnaise (which, like the horrible Australian mayonnaise is full of sugar as well as fat). I somehow managed to eat most of it – the ‘roll’ had been deepfried so I treated it like a giant chip. Seriously need to invest in eating more fresh, non mayonnaise drenched fruit!
Food in other Asian countries, such as Thailand, focus on fresh fruit and vegetables, and non-greasy foods, with limited carbs (Pad Thai being the exception). Lets hope Indonesia gives some reprieve!

Some Photos

Beer Soup – Like the name implies, soup that is made with (and tastes like) beer.

Beer Soup

Greasy Chicken – Usually dunked in chilli sauce and sucked off the bone. Super healthy!

Greasy Chicken

White Rice – Like this dish shows, pretty much every dish comes with white rice or white noodles. Really miss mum’s brown rice sometimes!

White Rice