mud flats in Muar


After Karaoke Ying took us to some mud flats which gave way to the ocean. It was a popular spot for the residents of Muar to do a spot of exercise (believe me, if you had to exercise covered up head-to-toe in humid >30°C you need all the ocean breeze you can get), and people also came here to see all the monkeys that hungout in the mangroves, waiting for people to feed them.

Lung Fish

Lung fish live within the mangroves

I wasn’t able to take any good photos of the monkeys, but there was one really cute mother with her baby clinging to her chest. Because the babies don’t have that much hair, they look scarily like tiny human babies! We spent about an hour there, taking hundreds of photos of everything from the monkeys to the beautiful sunset that was slowly taking place. Sama showed me that there is more than one setting on my camera, so it’s possible you may be getting some better pictures in the future. Also, I know it’s totally cliché to talk about the Japanese and their cameras, but we would often be walking along somewhere and Ying or I would direct a question at Sama, only to realise that she had dropped behind to take that perfect photo of a fruit vendor or something – so funny!

Sunset in Muar

ClamsFor dinner that night,  Ying wanted us to try some stingray (we had been discussing The Crocodile Hunter), but the Indonesian food stall we went to had run out, so we decided to try a bunch of different dishes including some delicious chicken wings, fish smothered in chilli (although I’m not a fan of Indonesian chilli – it’s too sweet) and about 2kgs of clams that had been cooked in garlic and chilli. The only negative was the soy milk (I hate soy milk), but I admit it did come in handy after all that chilli! So ended our last night in Muar, the CNY almost over, time to head back to Melaka.

On the way back we stopped at Tesco (an international version of Coles) and stocked up on supplies, which included more cheese, bread, potatoes, tuna and diet pepsi. While I adore Malaysian food, I miss cooking, and I miss things like cheese and potatoes, so having them occasionally helps stop any feelings of homesickness, and gets me excited to keep travelling. For dinner I boiled some potatoes, then sliced them, put a layer of potato, a layer of cheese, a layer of tomato and then another layer of potato onto the Jaffle iron, closed the lid and we had delicious, crispy golden brown cheesy potatoes – Malaysian-style raclette!

Chilli Mussels P.S: I did end up getting to eat stingray (smothered in chilli of course) in Melaka and it was delicious, although there were a lot of little bones. We also ate a massive plate of chilli mussells (they were so amazing we went back the next night and had them with chilli and garlic). The price of the stingray and the chilli mussells: less than $5 per person for Ying and myself!