Yesterday, Friday 2 November 2012, I had my farewell barbecue at work.

Speeches were made, mainly about how they’ll miss my sense of humor, less about my fabulous work ethic… I’ve only been there a year and half the staff have known me for less than 6 months, but it was still a really beautiful send off. If I was a hugger, I would have smothered everyone there.

I did hug JT, because she’s known me since I was about 13 and because she hugged me first. I owe her so much, mainly for landing me this great job in the first place, but also for her encouraging words and her staunch support of the West Coast Eagles in spite of their difficulties (cough cough, Ben Cousins, cough).

After the speeches came the presents (I love presents!), which took about 5 minutes to unwrap because someone had used a whole roll of sticky tape to wrap the cellophane around the basket. I ended up using a plastic disposable knife to slice right through the tape. Whoever thinks those things aren’t sharp (airport security) is seriously deluding themselves.

In the basket I got a metal flask, engraved ‘Happy Travels’. I asked them why they didn’t put my name on it, to which AB, the only ‘serious’ long-term solo traveler in the office (although others do go on some pretty cool trips), responded

‘Just in case you are smuggling something in the flask, the police won’t be able to tie it to you. You can pull a Schapelle Corby and say someone planted it on you’

Yeah.. cause that worked so well for her. I’m not quite sure what this says about my reputation at work.

By the way, they engraved the other side of the flask with the name of my workplace here in Kununurra, so anyone with a computer could probably link me to the flask… That being said, it probably helps if I ever feel the need to hide my name from someone.

I also received glow in the dark luggage tags, travel bodywash and handsanitizer and a travel towel which I was really stoked about getting because it means I don’t need to buy one. They also gave me a personalised diary with my name on it and a picture of the cavewoman to backpacker evolutionary process. I loved it!

Inside the diary they used a couple of the daily insults that I usually reserve for my boss RC. There’s this booklet called ‘365 insults’, which lets you give an insult a day to a deserving soul. RC says he’ll miss his insults and has asked me to email him if I think of any particularly bad ones. I gave him an insult that said ‘I don’t respond to losers’ :). The insults my colleagues gave me were travel related and included ‘You should do some soul searching, maybe you’ll find one’ and a quote by Oscar Wilde

‘Some cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they go’.

I’ve also asked my bosses to use my ‘true name’ in the references they’ll write for me – ‘G-Unit’ – and they said they would. I’m not sure what good it will do me though, when my references are basically extended versions of

Sarah spent most of her time coming up with insults, one-liners and practical jokes to annoy the rest of the staff with. She’s ok for about 5 minutes or so, then you just want to bang your head against the wall or punch her in the face

One reason for writing this blog is to give AB more FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), a psychological issue she bravely struggles with daily…