The view from our 'bure'

the view from our ‘bure’

1. When flying in, remember to buy some duty free alcohol to take onto the islands with you. Cocktails are in excess of FJ$15 there!

2. The weather here is perfect – unless it’s overcast and raining, which it was for our first two days here. Check the weather report to avoid disappointment on arrival. It’s way better to be disappointed back in your home town 🙂 Also, if the weather is rough, they won’t let you go snorkeling. They are worried you’ll be pulled out to sea.

3. If you are here when it’s overcast, there is no breeze to speak of, so don’t wash all your clothes at the same time. They take about 3 days to dry properly.

4. Breakfast on Beachcomber Island is at 8. Don’t listen to the crazy lady at 2am that tells you it’s at 7am.

jodz in hammock

5. Don’t eat the cheesy pumpkin or the lemon potatoes. I’m not sure who thought that those were good combinations, but they had obviously had a bit too much Kava.

6. Apparently, the Fijian national drink, Kava, is not alcoholic, but rather a ‘suppressant’, like weed. I would google it for the active ingredient, but the internet is FJ$10 per half hour and facebook is just so much more important. A friend I went with has random drug testing at her work, but thinks it probably won’t show up. We did drink it, only trying one cup each. It tasted like dirty water, and we didn’t feel anything. I think you need to drink a few cups to get the ‘numb’ feeling other people told us about.

7. Don’t expect Fijians to be friendly. They’re playful, and nice to people they like, but we found they often ignored us and were quite unfriendly. That being said, it just makes it that much better when someone is nice to you. It’s understandable I guess when you have to deal with tourists 24/7. By the end of our stay they loved us, and even asked us to come up near the stage where the band played to preform one last ‘Bula dance’. We made idiots of ourselves in front of about 50 people. It was awesome!

the awesome staff at Beachcomber

the awesome staff at Beachcomber

8. Do double check your departure point from Nadi to the islands – there are 2, Port Denaru and Anchorage (not the town in Alaska). We almost went to the wrong one, but luckily a Fijian travel agent double checked for us when she booked us into our accomodation for the one night we had to stay in Nadi.

9. Do come for at least 4-5 days. It takes a while to get used to things here and get into the island rhythm. While we were almost disappointing when we got there, in the end we didn’t want to leave – it had become our second home!

10. Do come prepared to enjoy yourself immensely – my sister, our friend and I were bridesmaids for a couple of impromptu ‘weddings’, and from meeting some amazing people, we’re now invited to stay in places from Melbourne to California.

it's a hard life. My sister relaxing after a meal in Nadi

it’s a hard life. My sister relaxing after a meal in Nadi

Bula Vinaka