Hi, I’m back. I arrived safely in England yesterday. Maggie picked me up and she started laughing as soon as she saw me because I had my hair dyed very very blond… not quite my intention but what can you do. Somehow I’ve managed to contract a stomach bug and as a result have not eaten anything since I arrived.. a great disappointment to Maggie’s parents who had organised trips to two great restaurants – an old English pub on top of a hill yesterday and I’ve been told we’re going to a pizzeria tonight. And bowling. It should be fun 🙂 Maggie’s parents are spoiling me absolutely rotten. I sleep in Maggie’s bed, and she has to sleep on the sofa downstairs. I tease her about it constantly. I know, I’m mean 🙂 Today Maggie played hockey, and I went along and watched. I had to get up at 6 o’clock in the morning! Excuse me someone, But I thought this was going to be a holiday!

I’m not quite sure what other outings Maggie has planned for me, but I know I ant to fly to Scotland to see Elana, but it depends when she has time, and if my stupid bank card which doesn’t work at ATMs here (I especially got a new one which is a ‘Swiss bankers card’ but obviously no one can trust a Swiss banker!) decides to let me withdraw cash (I might try it at a bank!) I also want to see the wax museum in London… and maybe The Tower. It should be a fun month. Met some of Maggie’s friends at hockey and they seem really nice. They where a bit pissed off since they lost the match.. Maggie keeps trying to tell me it’s not the fact that they lost that pisses her off, it’s how.. apparently the other team scored an illegal goal and the umpire didn’t catch it.

So here I am sitting at Maggie’s computer because I don’t have an adaptor plug for mine yet, drinking tea (about the most solid thing I can manage right now other than panadol) and informing you lot about my life. Missing the Australian sunshine, But I imagine most of you wish you had 10 degrees for a change. Lots of love to my Family from the rellies. Dad, if you don’t go to Switzerland this year like I’ve told them all you would, they are going to lynch me! And before you go shouting at me for saying that, you must realise I had to tell them SOMETHING, as I’m sure they’re ready to see a different Australian member of our family! 🙂 and especially one who can ski!

Ok, that’s it for now, I’d better go and be sociable again. Thank god we went to a restaurant when I couldn’t eat. Imagine if Linda (Maggie’s mum) had cooked for me!