Hello to the people.

We went and saw ‘Australia’ the other day. My hosts enjoyed it but, well, all I’m saying is that I could probably come up with a better concept to portray Australia.. by the way, did Hugh Jackman have a name other than ‘Drover’? It was weird how she was sleeping with ‘the drover’, like he wasn’t actually a person, he was a job description.. What would have happened if he for some reason couldn’t drove anymore? would that make him less of a person? Ok Sarah. Get off the drugs.

Maggie and I walked into Oldham (the next town) the other day. Took us about 20-30 mins. Can you imagine walking to the next town up north? Yeah, I’m just taking a quick stroll to Wyndham.. I’ll be back next week. Maggie’s dad said we should go to the baths (indoor swimming pool). Do you know they have scheduled times when you can go swimming? Public Swimming from 10am-1pm. ??? I’m not to sure I’m too keen about it, especially since I’m STILL peeling from my sunburn! Tekla and Maya, I blame you guys! At this point however, I’m up for just about anything that will get me out of the house!!! I can’t wait to get to uni and make new friends. Maggie isn’t the most social creature at the best of times she’s been really busy working for money and on her uni assignments. When she’s not doing something she’s sleeping, so her parents have adopted me as a surrogate daughter 🙂 Seeing how much they have to be out of the house during the week though, I’m definitely leaning towards the farm/station life!!!

On New Years day we went walking around on this reservation (I thought they only existed in America) which is this lake and some hills that have been fenced off for the enjoyment of walkers. I just shake my head at things like that.. Please, never coop me up like that!!! It sort of reminds me of chickens that live in cages and are aloud a small paddock to stretch their legs.

But enough of being negative. It’s just the cold, lack of sunlight and fresh air (because i would probably die if I open the window) and being bored out of my mind. The upside is that I am now very excited about getting to Uni!!!! Are you guys excited for me? I’m sure you are!! 🙂

We drive down to Newcastle-under-lyme on Friday. I’ll put on Maggie’s copy of Miley Cyrus. Yes, she owns Miley’s CD. Erin, I don’t know if I can forgive you for this…
Maggie’s promised me that we can have a wimpy burger. Haha. They actually have a fast food chain here called ‘Wimpy’. I can’t wait 🙂 Maggie’s dad didn’t understand why I thought it was so funny. (You can imagine me right, almost wetting my pants – Why would anyone want a little sissy burger?)

They think I’m a bit wimpy, but seriously, it is freezing here! I think I’m entitled to my five blankets, sleeping bag and 2 hot water-bottles. My usual routine is going into the living room, turning on the fire and snuggling up on the couch (they have the English version of Foxtel). And yes, I said ‘turn on’ the fire. It’s a gas fire with fake coals to make it look like a actual fire. Mum you know what your next present is? A window where it looks like snow is falling outside. Will that make you feel cooler do you think?

The only animals I’ve seen are some grey pigeons, a cat and a few dogs and plants are understandably a little subdued because of winter. The really weird thing here though is the fact that all the houses look exactly the same. Sure the doors might have some minuscule differences, but I’ve walked up to the wrong house a few times. I only know which one it is because Maggie’s car is parked on the street directly outside it. It’s brilliant for space and building affordability, but….

Now seriously people! I want news, I want gossip! Anything!! If I get sent home early it’s because I arrived at uni and jumped on someone and didn’t let go..
Sorry I haven’t been very good company this email. I’ll write again when I get to Keele, where I will tell you all about my new house-mates 🙂