Well People. Here I am Again. So much has happened to me since I last wrote, I must have been tempting fate – or god — when I wrote that life was quiet.

I think I wrote in my last email that I was going to visit my aunt Angelica. What I didn’t tell you is that my aunts -all of them, but especially on that side – are insane. Certifiably. Aunt Angelica invited me to her house and she said “you have to come in the morning so that we can go to the fitness/wellness spa”. So I take two buses and it takes me about 1 hour to get to their house. Then we make lunch and eat it when her husband Beat comes home. Then, we get in the car with Anna, one of Angelica’s friends, and DRIVE ALL THE WAY BACK to where I was staying before and go to the wellness centre that is literally like 200m from my godmother’s house. I just shake my head at this and she has this little smile and says “I didn’t tell you on purpose so you’d come and eat lunch with us”.

We get to the spa and there everything is wonderful. We had coffee (I had a hot chocolate) and then we got changed and went in. We had a choice between fitness swimming or relaxing in a huge hot spa. If you even had to think about which option I took, I am taking you off my mailing list right now. While my aunt and Anna where busy working their muscles I was laying back while the bubbles surrounded me. I became one with the bubbles. So Zen.

After an hour, they came in and warmed up a bit, and then we all went up to the Saunas and steam baths. The thing about saunas and steambaths in Switzerland is that you go naked. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m not actually that comfortable being naked together with a bunch of naked strangers. Thank god it was a women only day and there where hardly any people! Anyway, You’d have a shower, sit in the steambath until you couldn’t breath anymore, then you’d get out and have a freezing cold bath or shower, then we would in bathrobes get some hot tea and lie on the beds looking out the BIG WINDOWS! Ok… it’s one thing to, you know, be naked in there, it’s another to think that anybody strolling by could see you in all your glory! Then we repeated the experience. Anyway, apart from the whole naked thing – no one knows who I am anyway – it’s was a really great experience. My skin was so soft and clean!

The next day we made paper… It turned out ok. It’s actually pretty fun. Angelica even gave me tools you need. I was thinking of throwing a papermaking party when I get home 🙂 For dinner they had guests coming over so we made a 4 course meal and an aperitif of champagne and bread from Sardinia. It was the best pumpkin soup I’ve ever had. Ever. Apparently you put orange juice in.. I excused myself BEFORE DESSERT because I was so tired.

Today I came back home to my godmothers and we drove up the mountain to find some sunlight, because the whole valley is covered in fog. We walked around in the snow for a while and then had something for lunch at this little restaurant. Then we drove back down, The view was absolutely spectacular up there and it’s about 6 degrees in the sun, as compared to -2 down here. Here are some pictures. First the fog in the valley, then some pretty snow pictures one’s looking down onto the fog, then $100 to the person who can guess who the person is in the last picture 🙂 By the way, they were made with my phone, so excuse the quality.

Tonight we’re going for pizza and then it’s off to Basel for me tomorrow morning for Christmas 🙂 no computer access until the 26th! Lots of love and Merry Christmas to everyone. Hope you really enjoy it this year, and those of you in Australia, or elsewhere warm, Think of us poor people freezing in Europe! White Christmases have nothing on Christmas by the pool!

Thanks to all those people you wrote, It is nice to hear from you. I want everyone to write me something funny that’s happened to them over the Christmas – new years time and if it’s ok (with the author) I’ll include them in one of my emails to everyone, because everyone deserves to get funny emails over the happy season 🙂

Lots of love, Sarah

P.S: Only joking about the $100. but if you get it wrong, you owe me $100000000000. ok.