Hello to Everyone.

First of all, thanks to mum for the newsletter, but considering the amount of people I’ve had to translate the letter for, I either have to start charging or you really have to think about translating it into German. and if I hit that bloody caps lock one more time I seriously am going to throw something, and it might just be this keyboard.

Second, thanks to all those people who responded to the first email. It always makes me feel loved 🙂 as for those people who wanted a story about Switzerland, you know who you are, I’m afraid nothing majorly exciting has happened to me over the last couple of days and this email is basically just a big waste of your time. It might even read better if I translate it into Russian with Google translator and then you guys would have to translate it back. That of course would be an even bigger waste of time and at best you wouldn’t bother, and worst you would attempt it, realise it made absolutely no sense whatsoever and remove me from your Facebook friends.

I had a great time in Basel when I went to see my aunt Beatrice who is the loveliest lady in the world and who everyone can’t help but like. In Basel the Christmas markets are famous both throughout Switzerland and also receives lots of visitors from France and Germany. If I had money.. 🙂 anyway, we walked around the stalls sipping mulled wine and eating roasted sugar coated almonds and buying little presents that are are totally useless but still convey a sense of ‘when i saw this I thought of you’. Melanie and Andrea, I saw these beautiful embroidered mirrors and thought of you, but then I thought of the fact that had I bought them I would be stranded in Basel because I couldn’t afford a ticket back to Sarnen. Besides, my wallet had gone from a quiet sobbing to all out wailing and people started to look at me strangely on the street. You might say it was because I was the only one wearing a bright green jacket in a sea of black, brown and grey, but you weren’t there, so you can’t!

I’m also getting young people withdrawal, as there’s no one in my family (except Tania) who is under 25! For this reason I behave comparatively childish and I sometimes catch myself thinking “who does he think he is that he can eat more mandarins in one go than me” and before you know it, the table in front of you if full of Mandarin peel and… yeah. I’m not going further with this.

Anyway, it’s 9:30 now and definitely past my usual 8 o’clock bedtime here. Jetlag really screws up your system. I’m getting up early tomorrow because my aunt Angelica said something about a fitness swimming pool… yeah. I’ll have to see. Especially since I’ve put on about 20 kg since I got here! At least everyone will be able to appreciate how tanned I am. I worked like a dog lying on the beaches of Rottnest getting the perfect tan, and now I’m constantly covered up wearing a minimum of 2 jumpers. Life’s just not fair.

Ok. I’m going now. Goodnight.

Hope you all have a great Christmas!