Hey Guys. Its been what, 3, 4 months since you’ve heard something from me. No Chris, I don’t have a boyfriend here, I’ve just had no internet connection since then, and really haven’t gotten around to it. Because of this long absence however, I have HEAPS to tell you guys and so before you read further, check that you have plenty of time, supplies and shelter (this could take a while). Lets start by describing my situation now. I HAVE HOLIDAYS!!! finally! I am at my godmother’s house, where I am being absolutely lazy and only making appearances in the morning at 9 am (at the earliest). Fiona is coming tonight and then (hopefully it all works out), we will go to Italy (only south Tirol for those interested) with Lukas (one of our FORMER co-workers) on the 5th Nov.

We will stay there till the 12th (yes yes, I know I’m staying in Italy on my 18th birthday), and then if all goes to plan, I’ll fly to Australia on the 27th of Nov. Before I start talking about my other adventures, I just want to inform mum that yes, i have received my new Australian passport. They are mad little things with micro chips in them (I know this because it says in very clear baby language that you should not a) take your passport with you into the shower, b) please don’t microwave it and c) don’t put it through the shredder, it may damage the micro chip. Passports these days can’t handle anything.

I still don’t have an insurance and my godmother is very worried about that. I can’t
really say the same. I mean, I’ve been working for 6 months around heavy machinery, pitch forks and cows without insurance and nobody cares. But now that I’m on holidays, I’m suddenly in mortal danger (wild party animal that I am. Sarah, when will you learn to say no to the drugs). I think most of you heard that I was in Munchen at the Octoberfest (I will show photos when I get home). It was great, and Fiona and I had a real good time. I had 3 mass of beer all in all (1 mass is 1 liter), plus one or two 300 ml glasses of white beer (not at all to be recomended, I think).

On Saturday night we had a table reserved for us in the Augustiner beer tent (which was lucky because the tents closed at 4pm, there where too many people, and not enough seats). We came to the tent around 6 pm and there were thousands of people waiting to get in. We had about half an hour to get into the tent, squeezing through everyone. Fiona and I had been given Dirndel to wear (old fashioned dresses, with corset like things and beautiful skirts). Fiona’s was black and red (a bit vampish but it suits her) and mine was (don’t laugh) green and pink :). Then, because the Octoberfest closes at 11pm (a weird tradition, but cool, because it’s in the middle of the city and that way the residents arount it can have their rest too), we came out of the tent around 10pm and went on rides with two 11 year old boy (at the time it was heaps of fun, we thought they were soooo cool 🙂 )

We got home on Sunday night and then the Tuesday afterwards it was Fiona’s 18th birthday party. So basically I needed around two weeks after that to detoxify. After that, Emanuel invited us to come marroni (chestnut) gathering with him. So we drove down to Tessin (South Switzerland) and spent the weekend eating (between four of us, two other people came and went, we ate around 7 kg of potatoes that weekend. It was intense.), sleeping, sunbathing, and… oh yes, I suppose I did pick up one or two marroni.

The weekend after that, Fiona and I decided we wanted to go and see the Zurich night life. So we go there, and the plan was actually to go back to Rheinau at around 2am, but we missed the train, so we decided we had to stay up until the morning trains start going. I went straight from Zurich to my aunt Christa’s place where my uncle, as soon as he saw me, said with a huge load of energy “Sarah guess what, I’ve organised a fun packed day for you”. As soon as I heard this, I knew I was in trouble. That morning we went and explored two castles and had lunch at the second one.

Something funny happened that weekend which I only heard about later. We had gone to the Castle Halwill. On monday I talk with my godmother and she says “Yeah, on sunday we went to the castle Halwill and guess who we saw there, your old boss and family”. That just tripped me out a bit. Three groups of people who know each other at the same castle on the same weekend? Coincidence is scary. Anyway. After lunch I had to throw in the towel and admit defeat. I had to sleep.

On Sunday my aunt Beatrice came down and then we had an absolutely delicious cheese fondue. Last Friday was Fiona’s and my goodbye party. We both got presents. I got a T-shirt and a homoeopathic travel kit (drugs) and Fiona got a CD from Baldrian (Martin Ott’s (my boss) band) and garlic (to protect her on her travels). It was so funny when Martin was giving his speech about me, and he wanted to show everyone an example of what the homoeopathic kit can do. So he opens the little guide book, and reads out the first thing he sees: “used to quiet unruly children”and I just looked at him – and that’s going to help me how in my travels? and he elaborates, “so if you suddenly are pregnant and have a child on your holidays in Italy… you can… calm it down… if it cries a lot…”. We just laughed so hard.

Ok. I have to go now. Lunch is under-way and I think I should go help in its creation. I feel I’m really lazy here, but, well, I’m sorry, I can’t bring myself to iron tea towels… Hope you guys are going alright. I can’t wait till I’m back there in Aust! I want to be warm again!!!