Hi guys!

Today is Sunday, and I’ve been sick in bed all day (a cold virus has finally caught up with me). After Speaking to Erin for 4 hours (I know, but see, Erin’s great because you can tell her that this is a listening day for you and she’ll do all the talking, as my throat was totally raw). Then speaking to Roland who is a new “lerling” (student) on the farm (and incidentally asked me to marry him in the first 10 minutes of acquaintence, what the hell is up with european guys?) I decided to write you guys a long overdue email. (By the way marion, I love your forwards. I swear never to exercise again – ahhhh!).

So, on my fourth JUG of tea today, with the toilet paper (no tissues) next to me, and the panadol out of reach (so I don’t get tempted), I am one finger typing this email so that you know how much I love you guys. By the way, I’ve been told off for using “love Sarah” at the end of my sms’s. Apparently in CH (Switzerland) you only do that if you really love them :). So. Last week we started with the potato harvesting, and soon with the carrots (probably this week, if the rain lets up). This is not as easy as it seems because its been raining for practically three weeks straight. Only on the days when the rain lets up for a few hours can we harvest. This means that it’s still clouded over, I haven’t seen real sun since July.

On Friday night I went to my aunt Christa’s and stayed there, and then on Saturday we had a real brunch with eggs and bacon and onions (this is, for some reason, impossible to get in CH, probably because they’re all health food nuts.) Then I went to the street parade in Zurich, an internationally renown party that basically gives everyone the excuse to dance in public half naked. In most cases they were mostly naked (for some reason I don’t find men and women walking around in speedos and body paint attractive – yes the women had equal amounts of clothes on as the men).

Well, of course, me and my – uncle’s adopted son’s son and daughter – had a great time, even though the music was trance and I prefer hiphop. Consumed alcohol, breathed in various types of smoke (mainly tobacco and mull). It was actually quite dangerous because most people were smoking while dancing and it takes no small amount of skill to dodge lit cigarettes. For me it was pretty hard because as a non-smoker I pretty soon got a sore throat. Then at seven pm I left for Rheinau so that I could go to Daniel’s (guy in the photo I sent you) goodbye party.

There I was pretty tired so I started drinking coke like there was no tomorrow (well I call 15 glasses a lot). Then of course I got pretty hyper, and danced like a fiend. Had a great time. Got home at three am, and slept to eight. And now I’ve spent the whole day in bed, unable to sleep and feeling totally brain dead. Called Erin, which cleared the fog a bit. And now I dread going back to bed again because I know I won’t be able to sleep. I sort of feel sorry for Roland and Patrick who had to work this weekend (no way was i going to be at work at 5:30am).

What else. Um, dyed my hair “vibrant violet” which it was for two days, and now for some reason its become dark red! Looks ok though. I also found out yesterday night that I have NO idea how to partner dance. One song that sounded like a waltz (well, people were waltzing to it) I snagged myself a partner who looked like he knew what he was doing. I spent the rest of the song getting a dance lesson from him (and I still don’t know his name!) Oh. It was also sweet how all (well most) of the guys working on the farm danced, because they obviously didn’t dance often. And SOMEHOW I landed myself the job of henna dying one lady’s hair.

So that is my situation here. I’m sick. I hate the constant rain. I’m a little embarrassed how wild I got on Saturday night, and I have to work tomorrow. But I’m actually pretty happy with my life. Just wanted you guys to feel safe that I’m DEFINITELY coming back to the land of oz in Nov! Also, congrats to mum on the grading, did you end up making the next belt? Happy birthday to Dad, I’ll try and ring but we’ll see. Ok. I’ll need my eyes for tomorrow on the Samro – sorting potatoes. (Bad potato, stone, stone, good potato, stone, bad potato).