Hey Guys,

Just writing to you to have a whinge about you co-workers on the farm, they’re all such pussies. It been get to roaring temperatures here (27 degrees) and every five minutes you hear another “OMG I’m sooooo hot” or “How HOT is it today”, or “The sun is killing me!”, well you get the picture. Back home I’ve heard the same sentances a couple of times too, but only when it gets over 35 degrees. I personally LOVE this weather. I’m getting an excellent tan on my back from weeding kilometres of carrots and celery. That’s another thing about Switzerland, they don’t do stalks. The celery is this big bulb thing, and it sort of looks like an artichoke crossed with a potato.The sugar here is also produced in a bulb form (although i’ve never seen a sugar bulb). Before I came to CH I didn’t even know there were such things as sugar bulb. (By now you guys are probably
thinking “Will she stop with the friggin bulbs”)

So, anyway. I came back to work last Wednesday, after we dropped mum off at the airport (my aunt Christa and I). The holidays were GREAT!!! I loved Paris, even though the guys were scary as hell. I mean, one guy wanted to MARRY me, and the other guy wanted to come with me to Australia. As for the men in Paris as a whole, couldn’t decide if they were all gay or if it was just fashion to dress really feminine (as in sexy feminine, I wouldn’t wear that stuff on the street). I suppose they can get away with because of the sexy accent.

Oh, and I have to tell you what happened this morning! I was working with this (rather cute 17 year old) guy, and then we had to go eat brekkie. He had to put the tractor away, but he said “I’ll take you back up on the scooter” because we have brekkie at the bottom of this really steep hill. So I rode down in one of the boss’ cars and we ate brekkie, and then I got to ride back holding on to his waist! I was smiling the WHOLE way!!!! (he is REALLY cute, but annoys the hell out of me. I don’t know how he does it, but when I’m around him I have this huge urge to kick him, hard.”

Oh yes, and Stuttgart!!!! I went up to Germany to see Maya and we watched the WC final on this HUGE TV screen in the middle of Stuttgart. We were going for France, and we had our faces painted with red white and blue, Maya had a French flag and we both had blow up hands with the French colours to wave around. It was really fun. We were singing “Allez Allez Bleu”,(something like Go Go Blue. Don’t ask me, I don’t speak French) and “Ir seit nur ein pizza liverant” (which means “you are only pizza deliverers”) to the Italians, and for some strange reason, people were singing “Stuttgart ist viel schoner alse Berlin” (Stuttgart is much prettier than Berlin).

The Italians were singing something in Italian. (go figure). There were only three things that put a damper on the evening. One: France lost. Two: The crowd, of literally around five thousand people was about 90% italian, and Three: They still haven’t introduced my proposal that they all play football without shirts. Bastards. Anyway. Maya showed me her SHIRT!!!! She bought this Aussie shirt, and gave it to her (cousin, friend, I forget) and they in turn gave it to their uncle who manages the hotel in which the Australian team were sleeping, and they all signed it. I was
almost drooling.

Samuel, the guy who sleeps in the room next to mine is moving away next week and is having a going away party on Friday. I hope he cooks the chicken in the Freezer, on account that it’s his, and it’s been there ever since I’ve
arrived on the farm. Well, he says it’s a chicken. I say its a huge mutant turkey since it’s so big it won’t even fit in the oven. I am now taking a bellydance course in Winterthur. It is sooo hard. Harder than anything I’ve ever done. And, I know I’m an OK bellydancer, but this is really taking my full everything.

The first lesson we got right into a stick dance (i’ve onle used canes, so it was hard) and I was expected to know how to twirl it backwardsand in figure eights. Well, at least I won’t be bored. Oh, and mum, didn’t you do a dance called midnight magic or somthing? It’s just this one dance they practiced was called that, the the moves seemed sort of familiar. They have this sort of “summer acadamy” here on the farm, and I could have done bellydancing from dawn till dusk for a week for the low low price of 720 Sfr (around $730). Even I’m not that obsessed.

Ok, I have to go. It is once again my bedtime (10:00 pm). Happy birthday to Leah, Bobby, Thomas, Ami and Emma, and Im sure I’ve forgotten someone. Thankyou to Erin for your beautiful email, thanks to Rebecca for sending me the funniest forwards, I love getting them, they crack me up. To Meagan, who is the only one of my friends who writes to me now and then (I love hearing about KNX, believe it or not, I actually miss the place.) Oh, and thanks again to mum for the really great holiday.

The only thing I want now is some mates to go clubbing with and a decent TV with decent reception, and maybe an x-box 360, and my own super duper laptop and a Smart car and,… well the list goes on. But I just want you to know that I am totally happy here and the people here are decent for the most part. Still not a hundred percent sure what I want to do between coming home from CH and Uni. Half of me wants to go over to the east coast, and half of me wants to go to Kachana.