Hello Everyone,

How are all? I’m good. Majorly stressed, but ok. Denise is away for two weeks, and this is my last week here, so I’m supposed to be packing, but I’m finding myself stuck with kitchen duties, and watering the house plants… which reminds me, I have to water them, be back in a sec. BACK! See how quick that was, I’m Superwoman, I just hope I haven’t missed any! Who in their right mind has house plants that are real, go plastic, that’s the ticket. Sorry for making it sound like I don’t like doing Stall in the last letter. I do, the calves are soo cute and it’s really warm in there. It is also a lot easier now that they’re allowed onto the pasture. Although it is a little difficult bringing them back in, especially Kuba. Mathis tends to yell at me a lot during this time because I’m scared of the cows. I ask you, who wouldn’t be scared when this huge cow comes towards you bearing a huge set of horns and a scared/mean look in her eye? Anyway. This afternoon Mathis and I went out to the potato fields which we had planted last week. This time we had to re-plough them. So I’ve taken the liberty of drawing you a picture.

picture to come…

As you can see, I was way up in the air, on this little seat. I also had a steering wheel thingy, so I could steer the plough. Mathis drove the tractor. Well, apart from the obvious dangers of this activity, the weather decided to change and it started raining and then came this wind from nowhere. But did Mathis realise that poor Sarah was almost going to be ploughed in with the potatoes? No. Well considering that my fingers were frozen to the steering wheel, that wasn’t much of a danger. But really, I have a higher life expectancy than him, why couldn’t he be the one on the plough? Just wanted to say another happy birthday to Bec and one to Andrea in case I don’t write sooner.