Dear Everyone.

That seems so impersonal somehow, but I really don’t feel like writing down everybody’s name, and then everyone hates me because I’m choosing favourites. Bern was really good, Andrea, you would love it. There are shops EVERYWHERE. literally. They are above you, to the side and below you as you walk along the street. Then there’s the house that Einstein lived in, its right there in the midst of the shops (in the near vicinity of one of the McDonalds 🙂 He must have been a very unhealthy man).

Then Selina and I went into this museum thingy and there was this guy who is the Swiss equivalent to Ray Martin (the current affairs guy). I had no idea who he was, but Selina got really red faced and was like “Sarah, that’s a famous guy off TV”, and me “Cool”. Next thing you know, I’m walking up to this guy, and asking if I could take a photo of him and Selina together. Can you imagine what she must have felt like, probably wanted to bury herself right there and dip me into hot oil, but he was nice, and we got the photograph.

Getting to their holiday home was also very stressing because the SBB (the swiss railway company) kept screwing up the timetables, so we had to wait at this stupid railway station for around an hour and a half. Luckily she had taken her English with her, and she read to me from a book called “a long way down”, written by the same guy who wrote “about a boy”. The same thing happened to me on Sunday, except there were heaps more people waiting for the train, and therefore a lot more swearing and cursing the name of SBB forever.

Finally, its also SPRING! Its great, Switzerland is so much nicer now that its warmer, and you also have much more enthusiasm to do things, like walking, or sitting outside. Sunday morning, ok, make that Sunday afternoon because I only got up at 2pm, but anyway. I ate my first ever meal outside! It was really sunny, and my Godmother and my uncle Werner were sitting outside with my cousin Corrine and her boyfriend Rolli, and they were lying back in the sun, eating their fruit salad and cream, all wearing sunglasses and jumpers. Because sun or no, the wind is still a little cold.

Then, later in the afternoon, we went walking around the sea, and saw the scenes of devastation left there by the flood the previous summer. I took photos but left my camera at my Godmothers because I didn’t have anymore room in my bag, so you’ll get them later. Then after that, we went home and made a Chinese dish, that was so spicy it nearly made my nose run, and my Godmother’s like, “We really should have added more curry”, and she was serious. Me and my uncle just looked at each other, thinking, what kind of crazy woman?

Anyway, I’m trying to persuade Mum or Dad to come over here for some of the summer, although it’s up to them which one. All my relatives are asking when they’re coming over, and I always say, I’m hoping one of them will come. You can so tell though that Dads friends and relatives want to see him and Mum’s want to see her. Right now I think both camps have settled in for a tug of war, “So, Sarah, is Dad coming for the Christmas Holidays? Good skiing then. He used to love skiing, your dad did.”, and then “So is Mum going to try and make it in time for Lucia’s birthday party? (which is like 11 of june or July)”. Then I tell them they might not be coming, and they look at me as it it’s a bit my fault, which it is, because I’m messing up the whole plan by wanting to go back to Australia early, but I really don’t think I could stand another winter here.

One of my bosses at my next job came by the farm the other day, and the only thing I can remember about him is that he was called Amadeus, as in Mozart. Oh yes, and did I mention the fact that My boss is called Matthias and his son is called Rafael, and that I have two cousins who are called Matthias and Rafael? Their even brothers, so how weird is that?

Ok, bedtime for me. Remember, I miss Kununurra and Australia, and want to know what’s going on there. It’s probably much more interesting than here. Oh yes, and any photos you guys have of the Kimberly on digital would be greatly appreciated, the people here just can’t get enough, and I miss it so much. I miss the colours, and the heat. I miss the smell of spinifex and quietness. I miss the boab trees, and outdoor swimming holes. Hell, I even miss the big four-wheel drives, and especially being able to drive one. I miss my family, and all you guys, you are almost like family to me. I miss talking Australian all the time, and I miss Blackie. I miss Kachana, and I miss talking to you guys whenever I want, everyday.

I think of you guys everyday, and of Kachana, which is my idea of the Kimberly.

Your exclusive Reporter from Switzerland,


P.S: Thank you to those who wrote back, but Bec, I have to know, where you being serious, or sarcastic? And good luck to Erin with her Salsa dancing lessons. If she can’t even handle ballroom dancing, all of you should probably think twice before stepping onto the Salsa floor with her. 🙂

P.P.S: Ok, I admit, I was exaggerating when I said Switzerland fits into the Kimberley 200 times, it only fits in nine times. And sorry for the confusion with daylight savings, it turns out that there is only 6 hours difference, Switzerland being 6 hours behind you guys.

P.P.P.S: Since I can’t be bothered writing Switzerland the whole time over and over again (i’ve used it four times in this e-mail) from now on I’m only going to write CH, which are the official initials. It stands for “Conferation of Helvetica”, except in German you don’t say the “of”.