Hello Everyone!

I got a letter from the Swiss military. It was an invitation to join the youth defence league, where they practice shooting, have theory meetings, etc… I might go to one of the meetings, if I feel inclined to spend an hour chatting with gun mad boys, who incidently are all younger than me because your no longer in the league once you join the army, which is compulsory for guys here in Switzerland. Did you know that women were only allowed into the German army 3 years ago? That’s terrible. And I learned that my great aunt was the first woman in OW (a state of Switzerland) parliament.

CATS was brilliant by the way, I love the music, the acting, the ballet, the make up and costumes. All the way home the lines “Mungo Jerry and Rumpleteaser…” were running through my head. And the actors came right up to our chairs and were singing, and being cats, and it was way cool. On the farm we have been LOGGING! Yes, I have joined that infamous group of people that environmentalists use to scare their children. “Eat your spinach or the loggers will get you”. We are building a shop so that people can come onto the farm and buy direct. It’s one of those trust shops, where you get your groceries, then weigh them, and write your name and address on a slip of paper, along with what you took, and put it into a box, and then the owners of the shop send you a bill at the end of the month. Mad or what.

Oh, and I had many comments back about the fasnacht, however, as those that have been to one know, the one in Basel is even better. Its at least five times bigger, and a lot less drunk people.