Dear Kununurrians, Broomers, Tenterfielders and everyone else, welcome to the latest edition of Sarah’s Progress Report. On account of the fact that (Angela Anaconda? Anyone?) I haven’t written in ages, there is a lot to write about, so this is going to be a very long letter. The last couple of weeks have conspired to produce the most snow this region’s seen in 75 years, aren’t I lucky. Last time i wrote i believe I said I was going to the fasnacht in Luzern. If your ever in Switzerland in February, you HAVE to go to that, it’s brilliant. Nothing you’ve ever seen can ever compare to it.

The musicians take all these well known songs, from ABBA (Dancing Queen and Mama Mia), to Robbie Williams (Angels) and add a cool drum beat and trumpets over the top of it, but sideways to the music, so in the end it’s just this loud noise that reminds you of a song you know. Heaps fun. Oh yes, and you can get away with anything. It’s sort of like nothings illegal any more (well murder and stealing are, but…). People turned up drunk before it even started (I’m talking about 4 o’clock in the morning) and were smashing beer bottles on the ground, (some people even came dressed up as beer bottles). The musicians came into restaurants and played there (imagine a rock concert, which nearly blasts you away outside, and then imagine it inside a small space). Needless to say I was practically deaf for the next couple of days.

I came dressed in a costume borrowed from my cousin Katia, which was blue, green and aqua and all shiny, I looked a bit like a clown, but it was so fun. Everyone else was dressed up too, some in similar costumes to me, and some as Tigers, cats, frogs, Various Royalty (African, European, Arabian, Indian), astronauts, Dracula, devils, angels, rabbits (lots and lots of rabbits, apparently for calling the spring), smurfs (those blue people with white hats), demons, bees, chickens, carrots, witches, cowboys, grid iron players, workmen, cave men & women, the evil guy off Scream (there’s always one isn’t there), chimney sweeps, Christmas trees (some people are a little off the chain), giraffes, police, army, clowns, fairies, hunters (safari), apes, zebras, pirates, captains, hippies (When I saw them I instantly thought of Jenna, for some reason).

Vikings, Spanish conquistadors, ladybug, lion, American Indians, hula dancers, Guards & prisoners, Chinese, garden gnomes, goblins, outlaws, soccer players, jesters, flowers, surfers, sailors, African voodoo people, aliens, Arabs, nuclear power plant workers, wizards, Zorro, butchers (complete with bloody meat cleavers), sponge bob and friends, the four seasons, chipmunks (including giant toothbrushes which they used as guitars), monks, flies, bishops & pope, boy scouts, mountain climbers, mice, dogs, turtle, soldiers, hyena, geisha, 70’s disco, sun and moon, scarecrows, Scottish (kilt), French aristocracy (Mozart style), Yass cards (playing cards), the “under”, The various heroes in Madagascar and sheep.

No I did not remember all of these off by heart, I wrote them into my mobile phone, clever of me eh? Now you have a great ideas list to choose from when you get invited to your next fancy dress party.