To the Travel Diaries Group! As per usual I have been too lazy to write to you about my life in Switzerland (which i try and make sound really glamorous, is it working?). Instead I ended up speaking for ages on the phone to Australia at my godmother’s house (I hope her bill isn’t too big!) oh, and also speaking to Leah on MSN about something (sadly I can’t remember what). Thanks to Tekla and Ute for expressing interest in my emails (I feel loved). And so to the actual email.

Hello Everyone! I am typing this e-mail in my room, listening to the radio (black-eyed peas), on the laptop I’ve borrowed from my aunt Beatrice. It’s really good because it’s pretty fast and, I can have my chocolates nearby :). Let me describe my room to you. It’s made of wood, and there is a big oven in the corner, in which you make a fire in order to heat the room. There is a carpet on the floor, and around the oven, which wasn’t the smartest decision in the world, since there are burn marks on it. Three guesses who put the latest and biggest mark there :O. Moving to the left I have my swiss calendar, which Michael brought over to Australia and then I took it back to Switzerland. Directly beneath the calendar is the table upon which the laptop is. Then comes the window, over which I have hung my “we’re the future, does that scare you?” t-shirt.

Going further to the left we come to my bedside table, on which is a photo of my family, my “Silkening Body Lotion”, my deodorant, my camera (which has run out of batteries) and a CD player. Right next to this is (surprise surprise) my bed. The (not so) funny thing about my room is that the ceiling gets really low over my bed, so it’s like, when I make my bed I hit my head 3/5 ths of the time! After the bed comes the ‘dresser’, basically a set of cupboards with a stone top. On this I have my graduation bear, my library, and the pink leather toiletry case that Graham and Iris gave me (thanks again guys, I’m taking good care of it!). So you get a better idea of the size I’ve estimated the dimensions: 3m wide, 3.5m long approx. Oh yes. Then there’s this light in the middle of my room that I hit my head on EVERYday. OK. Enough about my room, you guys probably think I’m starting to lose it anyway.

Last night I played cards with Eric. I don’t think I’ve said anything about Eric yet. He’s from Slovakia working (illegally I believe) in Switzerland because they pay absolutely nothing in Slovakia. Labourers get like, 2 dollars an hour. Eric was the highest paid labourer on the building site, and was getting 4 dollars an hour. I didn’t even want to work at Tuckerbox because they paid 8 dollars an hour! Ok, enough about workers rights in Slovakia. He is about my height but sometime looks smaller because he’s much thinner than me. He looks pretty wild because he’s got long (beard) stubble.

Oh yes, and he sucks at cards. We played 2 games of “Seven”, 2 games of “Go Fish”, 1 game of “UNO” and 2 games of “Snap”. He lost all of them! Mah Haw Haw (evil laugh). No actually, I felt really guilty towards the end because he just never managed to win. I couldn’t stop laughing. He swore he was going to get me back when we play chess! We haven’t played chess yet, but another game, called “Die Sidler von Cantaan” (or something) and apparently it’s pretty famous in Switzerland. WELL, we played two game of this with Selina and he won both, and he’s being a real (Eric: “ahh, somebody help she’s choking me!”) about it.

The lady at the Australian consulate is like, 100, I think. I know this because she has a brother who used to work in Kununurra (small world) when it didn’t have a post office. Do not ask how I know this. And yes, I do realise that that statement was a little random. Mum, everyone wants to know when you’re coming over (summer or winter) and Dad, I’m sorry, but when you come to Switzerland you’ll be booked out, I’ve arranged for you to fix everyone’s T.V over here (they’ve got really shocking reception over here, and the Hunerfauths only have ONE channel), sorry.