Chello my little Australian friends, thank you so much for all your letters and support. I want to hear all about what’s going on over there, and no detail is too trivial. Nothing happens over here and I always look forward to seeing that I’ve got lots of e-mails (I feel loved). The day before yesterday it snowed all day and night, and so yesterday and today there is a carpet of white everywhere. (it’s also very cold). You can sort of imagine the trouble I went through to get to church yesterday, as I had to trudge up a very long hill to get there (it takes about 15 minutes). It was actually worse coming down again because I nearly slid all the way down, as they had put salt on the road to melt the snow.

Last Sunday as well as this Saturday, we made candles out of beeswax, they smell absolutely gorgeous! I light one every night for a few minutes and use the candle holder thing Meagan gave me. Then I blow it out and breathe in the smell of beeswax. Now, all of you who know me also know that I have an annoying habit of biting my nails, especially during a suspenseful movie. Well believe it or not I now have long finger nails, and they’re really annoying because of all the work I have to do, with the cows and the vegetables. I also get heaps of dirt in them!

Ok. Now many of us are already looking forward to new years eve, (what’s Christmas again?), and I was hoping to be able to purchase some (small number of) bottles of Smirinoffs or Cruzers. No. The government thinks that people don’t realise that there’s alcohol in them and overindulge. Firstly, anybody that dumb should be out of nappies yet and secondly, they don’t taste good enough for you to drink just for the taste! Sorry, that’s a little bit of rage on the page, but hey, I came to Switzerland for a reason!

Yesterday we had a ‘family meal’ where all there strange relatives (whom you only see once a year for reasons that become obvious when you do see them) come and eat all your food, terrorise the cat and leave you to clean up the mess. Of course it wasn’t my family (my family’s different, we’re all nice people), but the Hunerfauth’s and I guess they weren’t that bad. For Christmas I’m going to my godmother’s place and then spending a few days there eating, drinking and generally being lazy, and then for the new year. I am going up to Engelberg which is like, THE place to go skiing in Switzerland, and I am either staying with my cousin Tania or my godfather (which ever is crazy enough to take me). There I am going to ski off my Christmas indulgence, oh yes, and take many photos so that your all jealous, ha ha!